Friday, February 16, 2007

The Jacob Prophecies - Commencement

Many a times, we chance upon people who are special! Special enough to make a mark in our lives in a surely positive manner. They are mere mortals like any of us who have in some strange manner learnt to evolve their senses into strong and decisive forces that aid them to be what they have become!
Meet Jacob!
Another passing day with a number of things slotted out for as contents to pass and complete, Feb 15th 2007 was a routine day in my life, much like many others that have passed by! Or atleast, so I thought, until I met Jacob! Sounds much like 'Meet Joe Black.' Anyhow, the context remains vividly different, thankfully!
People, I have long come to know are different for different reasons & abilities, and one needs no reasoning beyond that of a common ground squirrel to comprehend this plain simple truth!
After a few minutes into conversation with this eminent 'seer' of the past & future alike, I was reminded of my years in college (1996-1999) when I had met another very special person with remarkable abilities - Benny!
It does not take an instant for anyone of us to recognize the power of clairvoyance in any person, the ability to see, envision and comprehend in humanly form of something that is so much beyond the limited human ability of understanding! While some of us choose to dismiss this as fantasies of scientific (or popularly superstitious) embodiment, I must say that one needs to reconcile to the idea that such existences are true and the mysteries of the human mind are much beyond comprehension even to the billions of us who are yet so gifted to be in possession of this creation that is tuly so unique and vast!
And redifiningly reassuring with each passing moment, my faith in the unknown and beyond grows stronger and firmer with each passing day.
Instances such as these might seem too trivial to look at, however, they do have a somewhat significant impact on our lives provided we receive valuable inputs as important cues as to how to lead our lives forward in a more positive manner.
The instances Jacob provided me mirrored my image of the past and will continue to shape my actions in the future no matter how less decisive they become.
After all, not many of us mortals have the power to take a peek into what lies in the future.