Monday, June 24, 2013

One Morning in the 0638

It is almost 06:38 one morning, and i'm waiting up, like i do most mornings, for the 0638 to coast in. This is a description of some regular sights that i catch in the process.

The 40 something Cowboy Trapeze Artist (Codename - Uncle) cannot rest until he has hurled himself into the oncoming train even before it has come to a halt. That despite the train being empty! I gather this has to be his most defining personality trait, something he has painstakingly perfected for decades now. Hopefully, he understands the difference between hurling into and hurling onto!

And, there are the Cousins, his accomplices who herd behind him in the act, convinced in the belief that this is their last train to salvation!

Fugitive appears hurriedly from the shadows, with steely pale eyes, always shivering with fear. He scampers in like a shrew that has been pursued by an owl.

Frequent Flier arrives through the bridge and seats himself at the same place as he has done before. Now, bridge is our reference for the train that has parked itself adjacent to ours, scheduled to depart ahead. In case of the bridge not available for transit, he trudges down the track, climbs up the dirty, rusted scaffolding and hoists himself into the carriage. Not an unimpressive antic for a seemingly 50 something tumbler! But stupid, all the same.

Half Moon, the bald 30 something guy is in perpetual hurry, occasionally accompanied by Distressed Damsel who scampers along like a mouse deer.

The Meerkats appear two pit stops later. Teens, enthusiastic and three in number, they seem primarily preoccupied with news from the soccer world, and intermittently raise their heads in unison as if posted on the prairies as lookouts. One of them can be mistaken for a bush baby!

The Twin Cloud, two 'accidental' look-alike colleagues make an occasional entry from one or two pit stops later. They are forever preoccupied, intensely wondering about their work woes, which are, not surprisingly, people specific, and spend the remainder of the journey strategizing.

Motormouth is the most undistinguished of the lot, but is heard the most. He has no qualms yelling his lungs out to comrades who seem utterly disinterested and the rest of us who are thoroughly disgusted. The description is understated, surely.

So much for seemingly serene mornings! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

19 Years Later

What changes 19 years after? Absolutely nothing or absolutely everything. Well, in some rare instances the former is more so, as i was to find out.

D and i went to school together and have known each other since 1986. We spent until 1994 in school, after which we managed to remain in touch. So, when he told me of his visit to Mumbai, i was determined more than anything to meet him, after what was an epoch that passed by.

Warm as ever, characteristically poised, positively sensitive, clear and deep, i noticed that those traits that defined him as a person of excellence not only remained, but were now accentuated with time and understanding.

Our conversations soon deepened into the need for extricating ourselves from the labyrinth of pointless pursuits that now centralized our lives. Soulful conversations, examples, recollections, a great deal of wisdom and remarkably positive reassurances later, i returned a happier man who had inherited the fortune of sharing a defining dream.

Maybe i don't have the apt word to best describe him. I am not sure i even qualify to do so. But it would be close to use the words evolved, aware and mindful. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

The #Extremedrive Indiblogger Meet

Renie and team Indiblogger can kick up quite a dust and take you through some power-packed jolly rides, as i figured during my first ever Indiblogger meet.

Set in the expanses of a large open ground, this one was quite different, perhaps, from the routine of presentations and tech-literature. With some 200+ enthusiasts from different genres of blogs, there was a mood of eagerness and bonding.

Soon, with hands muddied, outwitting competition to tug up a truckload, literally, the 'cyclone' swept up a win within a super-incredible 5.82 seconds. And, off we were bundled for some roaring antics orchestrated from behind the wheel of the beast, which was worth every ounce of adrenaline each one carried! That must sum up the mood when you are dished out a power-homie Tata Safari Storme to play with :-)

Also the wonderful conversations, a great connect with some fellow-bloggers and time well spent, makes for a memory to be treasured.

Oh, and thank you very much guys, for that snazzy Victorinox jewel for an appreciation and souvenir. Loved it.

Next thing on my mind: #Extremeblogtrek :-)

Indian by birth, Blogger by choice! Yeah! 

Monday, June 03, 2013

A New High

A soulful evening replete with tranquil green expanses of wilderness. There are no thoughts as the eyes feast on the setting sun. Dusk arrives, and with it more measures of silence. The soul is stirred, elated. A walk into the wilds. Canopies of green rising up into eternity. Sounds of dusk hallowing the moment. Distances don't matter as eager steps edge to cover them. The path is endless and gratifying.

Birds fly about seeking spots to roost, their calls trailing through like flashes in twilight. Soon, it is a moonless night and darkness envelopes. The colours of colourlessness are distinctive to the eye; and a feast to the senses that only wants more.

Serenity is a sweet prescription and consigns memories to flames. It feels like a different time and age. A spectacular union of the inner self and the outer world.

Home is where the heart is.


An evening during my maiden trip to my parents' new home in Wayanad, Kerala.