Friday, April 27, 2007

Dark side of the Moon

I know not the cause and effect of a well 'bred' life and perhaps will never know. In a place which matters not an inch more than the realm of contained atmosphere that acts in kind conduciveness to hold the element of life, where our relevance does not transcend more than the boundaries of a place that we call Earth, I still hunt for the very purpose behind the existence of us beings!

Life has not been kind in the recent past and I have nothing to associate the sway to.........

Looks like its gonna be one long wet, dreary, uneasy night to pass.......... survive well if I will, I should be back to blogging soon.........

(posted presently; 25th Aug 2007 10:59 pm, in retrospect)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Ramparts of 2007!

2007.......the year of the transition as I put it, one that I'm extremely hopeful of inciting a much needed change in the psyche and spirit.
Sitting here on my desk and penning random thoughts with Hans Zimmer's score for the movie the Broken Arrow playing deeply into my ears, obilivious of all the rummaging that is spewing out a constant mechanical human humm around, I am envisioning what it is to like being a few more years older, a lot more successful, a number of years under the belly and so on.
My obsession for achievement seems to be scaling at an all time high and I feel I need to realize that potential at the right moment, with the right kind of people bearing with them the right framework of mind. And yet, as Robert Frost famously put it "Theres miles to go before I sleep."

Summing up from the very beginning of 2007 until now, life has been a ride in the roller coaster!
The year started on a very good note, notes of progress professionally and personally with a number of promising opportunities in the offing (or atleast seemingly).

My new car, now 3 odd months of age, has been a source of immense pleasure and great tool for mobility, barring the oddly aching fact that I might be among those geeks who jumped on buying a car before knowing how to drive the machine! Evidently, practise leads to perfection they say, which in my case is at the threshold!
Marking completion of a 2 year period with my organization has been a very gratifying and landmark experience to start with. A change of name, change of reporting managers, tonnes of improvements, two scaled promotions and loads to add to a small profile has made life more meaningful and much more satisfactory. it is with a lot of careful pondering and consideration that I chose to reject a lucrative offer close to home, which I now believe, was better best rejected considering the huge learning that I need to do before embarking upon a journey leading to a different paradigm altogether.
Delhi's rather famous winter played kind by stretching over and beyond its call of duty by lasting well until the end of March which made staying in Delhi a pleasant experience during this season.
I dare not speculate on what might be in the offing a few days from now.

Deepu, my dear brother did good by visiting and spending a sizeable amount of time trying to understand my lifestyle and how to make the better of it. His departure after conclusion of what was an extended vacation was indeed tough on both of us especially considering that we hadn't seen each other over a year and my prospects of travelling to Ooty in the immediate future looks as bleak and hazy, much beyond any measure of comprehension. It was during these times that we introspected together, me calling to life a large part of my childhood memories and those bygone years when life was all about donning and remaining the child who knew nothing more than the taste of freedom and the pleasantries of being thrusted away from the madly rut and routine the world followed much akin to a religion!

The sad and tragic loss of Manish Jacob, Manu's brother, put us into a pall of gloom. Unimaginable as it seemed, the shock brought immense grief and created an irreplacable void. Our prayers for the well-being of the family during this time of tribulation will continue above all else and we will fondly revive the memories and times of Manish Jacob.

Vishal Bhargav a.k.a Capt. Val Ross & Shikha have moved to Bombay after several years in Gurgaon and Delhi. Over the time, I have had wonderful friends who have many a times helped me understand and enjoy the brighter side of life and appreciate its intricacies that we quite often disregard as worthless of any recognition.
Meeting Bodhi's mother was also a privilege especially having oft-heard of the wonderful person she is. A person with a strong will to excel while yet giving back to the society the best of her efforts partnered with good intent and a strong mental faculty, I must credit her for her zeal and will that would readily put a person half her age to shame!
Anuj Jetley is back from the UK with a Management degree added to his coat of arms. I have not the least bit of doubt of his measure of success although it is sometimes quite a loss to understand that the person himself disregards this to a very large extent. Anyhow, time should be a wonderful testimonial to how people realize what they need to.

My friend Abraham Kuruvilla ( I address him) has successfully moved shop into a new business aligned with Genpact with a significant amount of progress. During his last days with GE he had a very deluged sense of achievement and came inches close to concluding that all was at a standstill. Further proof of how time can impact one's life in a more positive and enriched manner.
Arif & Pratiksha were married sometime early this year and I continue to avoid bumping into them for having failed in my courtesy to wish either and pay a visit too!

Ahead of me is the Industrial Leadership Program (ILP) which acts as a tollgate between me and one of the first leadership positions in my career at Genpact. I hope to concentrate all my energy and focus to pass through this testing time immediately after which I would travel home to Ooty which I now eternally miss!

In all, this year has surely made a landmark change in my life even before it is far from being the past. I sense a feeling of relaxation, far less anxiety and certainly a lot more positive energy. Wishful thinking or whatever that can be labelled to this, I know that with time, a lot of things change, and change for the better. I guess all we need to do is believe that we can and continue to exert this belief to the back of our beyond, deep into our psyche and spirit and never let go of the ability to look into the eyes of fear and setbacks and conquer them! Life will always continue to spring some of the most uncommon experiences and times in our lives, however, it certainly does not take a whole lof of effort to quell these and master the art of good living.