Monday, May 27, 2013

Direction D

D turned 34 a few days ago. I've known him most of my life. Unchanged in demeanour or passion, he remains undaunted in the face of changing times and beliefs. Pleasantly stoic and forever upbeat, he reflects an optimistic disposition, maturely woven with strong measures of a selfless pursuit for achieving happiness, not limited to oneself.

There is a certain character to his pursuit; corded in downright simplicity, embedded with more than definitively clear thoughts and yet as diverse and magical as the enchanting shades off the mirrors of a kaleidoscope.

As he continues his relentless pursuit, Redefining Oblivion wishes him the very best, always and all ways. A chip off the old block, truly. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Small Measures of Joy

Small measures of joy, amidst rumbling clouds of gray. Time speeds by without count or warning. In this state of blank, yet with strong persistence to reconstruct, there are small joys to be relished and among them the bliss of being back on the blog and sailing into another world of happiness, which is by now familiar, very much like home - a home in the heart.

Some indulgences never die; the strong connect with nature, the pleasure in gorging pages of an interesting book, filtering light through the lens, conversations galore, the everlasting love for music - now, retro-pop of the 70s ;-)

Life goes on, apparently some full-circles aren't really it; they were merely interludes in the passage!

And then, there are long and momentary silences, deep shades of gray, an occasional delving into memories that bring smiles, rumbling ragings and of course, small measures of joy!

Not at odds, but completely even.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Few Days in Heaven

Mighty, mist covered blue mountains,
rolling ever greens of happiness,

rich blue skies of eternal joy,
soaring trees, oak, pine and others plenty,

maybe, there are so many different worlds, yes,
but there's only one like you, yours of bliss,

the one i was born to, embraced and loved,
cradled in the arms of divine comfort,

with brethren akin, bound by love,
forever and ever, always in hope,

someday i will return to these valleys, these mountains,
these expanses of joy, these moments of elation,

of your soul, spirit and all, i am part of you,
in you i see me, as in me they see you,

there can only be one home for me,
and it will always be in those mighty arms of thee.


My 'last' few days at home in Ooty early in February