Monday, November 26, 2012

A New Bottle

Tired of the painfully flawed intensedebate comment management system, i decided to kick it out of the window and revert to the more reliable blogger interface, which now offers the threaded commenting architecture! Back then, when i migrated, this feature wasn't available.

On the flipside, however, i've lost some 1579 comments, right from May 09, 2010, spanning over a time-frame of 132 weeks! But, i've managed to get them all into an XML file which is lying frozen in cold storage, and will until such time that blogger allows a feature to exclusively import comments and append them onto their respective posts - now, that'd be a breeze, really ;-)

And then, the temptation of tweaking up on the look & feel - led me to apply the more contemporary, yet sober, Dynamic Views template!

So about post # 415, this one - old wine in a new bottle ;-)


Oh, i missed the big one: Mum & Dad - happy anniversary! The 34th!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Good Morning CD

Not long ago, i paused for a moment to wonder which way to go. Undecided, disbelieving and seeking, i stood before a forked road, which appeared to have more than many a path ahead of it, each leading to worlds unknown, unseen and fear-provoking.

The rumble within refused to calm, demanding more action, which to the 'trained eye' was a portrayal of extreme irresolution. Emotions stirred to incredulous pinnacles and angst grew in disproportionate measures.

But destiny, the omnipotent power, swung into action, invoking a memory, which soon enabled a powerful reconnect. An unusual, yet deeply gratifying process of refurbishment unraveled, much to amazement and then a sense of cognizance of the inside, the outside, the inside within the outside and the the other way around.

Today, there is no worry about any 'perceived maddening lapse' of time, which, thus far, was a matter of concern. This is only the least of all, so to speak, you know. There is a sense of stillness which is beginning to be experienced and relished.

And, as you say, this is only the beginning! There is more to come you pronounce, but i am ecstatic already, and quickly aware.

All of this couldn't have been possible without you!

Good Morning, CD

Monday, November 12, 2012

Western Winter

Winter here isn't anything about that cold, freezing, in the quilt, under the covers feeling! There's not even so much as a breeze.

But, there is a nip in the air. Trees look greener and birds appear puffed up. There is a thin mist that hangs in the air, only to make a quick disappearance when the sun is about to make its way up. And then the day is just like any other. This limited treat is only for the early riser. There is a feeling of tranquil, of real quiet, immense stillness and peace.

In the evening, on a walk yesterday, i noticed bright lights hanging down from trees, sculptured and ensconced within dandelion and inverted pumpkin like designs. The neighbourhood seems to have undergone a transformation. There is festivity and celebration in the air and warm aromas linger momentarily blending with the air and then giving way to the whiffs of trees.

There is a sense of childhood, that feeling of unexplained joy and limitlessness.

Rod Stewart's Young Turks plays in my mind. There's really something about the winter here.

Young hearts be free tonight.time is on your side,
Don't let them put you down, don't let em push you around,
Don't let em ever change your point of view.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Comments and More

There have been some strange upsets regarding Intensedebate, the comment management system i chose for my blog in the summer of 2010. That the administration and back-end support of Intensedebate is now defunct is beyond doubt. Emails written to their support remain unresponded. So much for the term support, let alone the attitude.

This leaves me in a huge dilemma now. Since May 2010, the Intensedebate system on my blog has aggregated some 1553 comments which will be threatened to permanent deletion should i chose to uninstall this now dead system. Strangely, comments from Intensedebate cannot be exported onto blogger.

If i have to choose Intensedebate as a permanent system, then i risk losing my equanimity in the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the html code, for unending errors, disappearing comments and so on, happening almost on a weekly basis now!

I've been reading up forums of all kinds, but in vain, and this is bothering me no end.

Does anyone know of a solution?

In hindsight, i'm wondering why i hadn't chosen a better comment management system for my blog!