Saturday, May 27, 2006

Many miles later....

Valentine's day 14 Feb 2005

Was etched among those first wins while in a firangi land where every living being thought that the entire South Indian hemisphere was no more than Madras. Well, being a Madarasi has quite a number of serious merits. I fondly remember my Class VI geography classes now!

Anyhow, on a day which was religiously marked for celebration in one form or the other, I walked into Wipro Spectramind to make a deal. The bustling roads, waves and waves of people and animals alike and the seemingly never ending lines of chaotic motorization all making way to reach one destination or the other was a sight to observe. 'Packed' as saleable as possible I was pondering over how best to make me look the way I needed myself to be looked at.

Contrary to what I thought, Wipro was a cakewalk and that made me more restless and less at ease. I had never expected the chemistry of people analysis to be as easy as it was this. Less than 25 minutes into the interview I was offered a bunch of menacing texted papers intending to ink my loyalty to the organization and detail a date on which I would become 'operational & productive.''ll hear many many more such terms that would easily sound straight out of Apollo 13. Except here, even Jim Lovell wouldnt have fathomed the depth of these 'strategic' words.
Welcome to the world of Business Process Outsourcing!

Having planted my signatorial identity on the papers, I left Wipro with a deal. A deal to become a part of their Operations. A deal which I surely knew was not cut out for me. Nevertheless, this was a victory of sorts, many sorts I must say.

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