Wednesday, June 14, 2006

2005, A window into memories.

This photograph taken in front of the famed Hawa Mahal during my visit to Jaipur during March - April 2005 is a personal favourite.
The edifice was constructed in the year 1799 by HRH Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh.
Known to the rest of the world as the Palace of Wind this is an example of Rajput artistry made of red and pink sand stone, beautifully outlined with white borders and motif's painted with quick lime.This five-story, pyramid-shaped structure has tier after tier of 953 small casements, each with tiny lattice worked (Jali) pink windows.

This was snapped when LT decided to fixate himself one evening on the floor which he regarded as a much better option as compared to the chairs that made one feel the painful cramps one developes over a period of time due to long and tiring hours of sitting.

My dream of riding on a camel came true in the pristine greens of the Best Western Country Resort in Manesar on the 21st of August 2005.
This is thus another of my personal favorites among those shot in 2005.

This image was crystallized in front of the River Kosi which runs across the Corbett National Park and into a number of adjoining towns.
The scenic beauty of the place combined with the presence of many colleagues whom I worked with make it a memorable snap.
(L-R) Tarun, Mayank, Tammana, Randy, LT, Kunal & Me

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