Monday, August 14, 2006

India - Evolution Unlimited

08:49pm on Monday, 14th August 2006.

The eve of India's 60 years of Independence.

New Delhi along with many other cities in the world is cautiously treading by each passing day.
The heart of the Indian republic is bustling with festive fervor, patriotic spirit and a very strong call for increased national integration.
However, there is tension in the air and with every passing moment anxiety grips tight on every section of the society. The grim possibility of a terrorist attack looms large and the contradiction of celebrations with potential disaster marring it remains a very real danger!
Only days before, European Intelligence agencies uncovered a very well concerted terrorist plot that involved Heathrow, the International Airport in London. And this time, authorities decided to take this threat very very seriously which is very very good.
Elsewhere, the news of a UN sponsored ceasefire in Lebanon brought a trickle of good news.

India has for years now dealt with the threat of International (Cross-Border) Terrorism without much global support. Since independence, we have been grappled by a much smaller yet deadly
enemy that has made a mission out of its existence to fight us thick and thin. We have been bled time and again in a manner the world is yet to imagine. Thousands of Indian civilians and Armed personnel have lost their lives defending our ever growing, ever changing soft-porous borders.
The menace it seems is growing at a pace which is now unimaginable and soon would become uncontrollable. Radical foreign states moved and deeply inspired by fundamental religious ideologue continue to operate 'terror factories' within and outside or nation.
The world's largest democracy is under threat and it appears that we are now moving into a phase that has not been comprehended.

What is more concerning is that this malignancy is soon spreading across the globe at a very fast pace and despite international organzations and bodies such as the United Nations having imposed stringent mechanisms to check terrorism, nothing substantial has been achieved.

Days before the Independence Day, the American Embassy in New Delhi issued a stern warning to the Indian Foreign Department quoting their 'unnamed' sources that they had credible information of a large scale terrorist plot that would shake the National Capital along with some prominent soft spots. It is common knowledge that our neighbour constantly endeavours hard to strike us during instances of national celebration, the notion of the American Embassy having uncovered a subtantial piece of vital information is highly questionable. We have not yet forgotten 9/11 yet, have we? Of course, there are folks (high-up) who believe that 9/11 was engineered by the US government itself. Having watch the movie Fahrenheit 9/11, I must say that I am quite re-affirmed to believe that theory.

Anyhow, it is not the victim who needs to be focussed upon during this moment of anticipation.
(Anticipation does not necessarily mean that we expect the worst to happen. In intelligence and operational terminology, it simple means a state of well-preparedness)

Here are a few measures that can be implemented so as to combat the menace of terror;

Immediate halt of all state-sponsored terrorist activities,
Building of a better, stronger and more relevant international organization that is free from bias and lop-sidedness,
Consensus on the fact that terrorism is to be fought head on despite whatever its objective and justification; and most importantly

For those folks who do not undertand the implication of the term Hot Pursuit, it simply means the right of a soverign nation to attack an entity should there be credibly established evidence of state sponsored subvertive action. It is common knowledge that PoK and Pakistan itself are home to more than two dozen training camps that systematically train and

Its half past nine, websites, news channels and many other electronic media constantly dish out instances of alerts, blockades, security measures and advisories aimed to make the common man's life normal and easy as any other day. Except here and now, there is nothing normal!

Sometime tomorrow morning when the Prime Minister drives to the ramparts of the Red Fort to hoist the Tricolour and deliver his message to the nation, a huge well programmed system invisible to the ordinary eye would be constantly monitoring the ground, waters and the skies with a heightened sense of security with the primary objective of staving off any untoward incident that might have been conceived by the evil force that resides across the border and has succeeding in implanting many of its own within our folds.
The local police along with other intelligence agencies and the armed forces will be working overtime to protect the nation on it's birthday. The spirit of democracy will be strengthened with a renewed sense of patriotism and belonging.

And as the glorious Tricolor is raised into the air by one man surrounded by his absolutely essential National Security Guard detail, more than a billion hearts, barring caste, creed, economic status, languages and time-zones, will sense a feeling of unique pride and privilege in witnessing a nation reborn with reaffirmed courage and refreshed passion mixed with a revived sense of commitment to excellence, respect, well-being, progress and prosperity.

We have resolved to defend this nation from any threat that may lurk in any corner of this world, irrespective of however remote it may be. We stand united to fight any war that may threaten us. We have yet professed virtues of compassion and regard for fellow human beings and upheld the magnificient attribute of Democracy.
We will not shake for our foundations are built on the platforms of love, understanding and peace. However, given the situation we shall not hesitate to retaliate in the most brutal form should an attempt be made to disrupt our peace.

Jai Hind

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