Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ahoy! I see Oktober

For all the officio-business related superflous terminology so to describe, we have come to begin the last quarter of this year which comes to a close less that 90 days from now.
In many ways, this is a very promising and very welcomed time of the year for it heralds a great deal of festive spirit and most of all brings about a much needed change in the weather in many parts of the world which until now have been bearing the excruciating brunt of the hot shining Sun.
In astrology, this month begins with the sun in the sign of Libra and ends in the sign of scorpio. Meaning eight (octo) in Latin, October was originally the eighth month in the Roman calendar.

This month of the year has a very special significance across cultures and borders. While the Czech call it říjen meaning belling of deer owing to the fact that deer in that part of the world begin to emit a deep cry during this time, the Irish call it Deireadh Fómhair, meaning end of harvest time. The Truks call it Ekim signifying the time wheat is sown and the Welsh call it Hydref meaning autumn.

By far, for folks like me (who hail from the colder part of the nation), October is the good Lord's blessing to New Delhi. Temperatures drop to nearly three-forths to that of the summer months and the atmospheric composition itself changes preparing the region for winter.
It is also the beginning of many festivities showcasing the strong Indian custom associated with ancient culture and tradition.
Most importantly, this month in particular has brought about a shift, rather a paradigm shift in my way of life. The much anticipated sense of well being seems to have come into place along with peace and joy which I cannot atttribue to any particular reason. But, isn't peace and happiness much better when they cannot be reasoned out to any particular cause!
It seems that I am stepping into the beginning of such times that will now yield nothing but good, if not always the best!
I can tell you with experience that 27 years is a long time to wait....... a very long time to wait indeed. More so often people crash under pressure while being subjected to constant instances of melancholy and testing. If one looks at the positive aspect of such actions to be directly responsible to result a toughened mind, one also needs to understand that unvarying pain can also numb the body and mind, the latter most, and command thought to no longer anticipate the goodness that might lie somewhere ahead.
Anyhow, with good times come a sense of unflinching courage and more importantly a state of mind that allows one to make and execute decisons with confidence and courage.
With such good times in the offing, one finds the time and will to appreciate good things in life.
Almost suddenly, I am overwhelmed with the amount of positive energy I can exude and I now begin to notice those things that I ignored as a matter of routine until only a few days or weeks ago!

Remember the story of the underdog who fights hard to make a footing and all the world does is give a damn? Well, the good part is that the underdog never certainly continues to be so and evolves with time and experience. The clouds make way for the Sun and the rain stops taking away the painfully heavy haze. Time, folks, it seems is a very powerful 'commodity' which can and will affect us more positively despite its hard strokes of unhelpfulness!

Welcome to the beginning..................the very very beginning!

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