Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Reasons & Rhymes!

Forget the age old adage that says "Everything happens for a reason." In truth, many a thing happens for no reason or rhyme at all. Not everything that happens, happens due to a reason, but merely are random incidents that happen in life. However, mostly, some such happenings can actually be grave and very saddening!

I charted most of my life wondering why certain things happen in the very first place and try to discern the reason(s) behind the incidents. To date I fail to subtantiate or rather identify the "reason." And then, life slips into a depression which seems to last forever!

By chance, a good friend of mine, Veer, once explained to me that it is pointless to try to reason out why things happen especially since we do not exercise any control over such happenings, save a few! And those few, we can actually control by our disposition, behaviour, reaction, attitude, frame of mind and so on. Therefore, when things happen, they need not necessarily have an associated reason or cause. Let me give you a few imposing instances;

I once received an email with quotes, one of which read "No matter how much I pray, I only get what I deserve." I loudly disagreed to this almost immediately after reading it, on which a friend responded that the statement was right and that I was wrong in not agreeing.
Now the reason behind by my not concurring to this statement was not as a reult of any notion suggesting disrespect to the almighty creator or attempting to propogate a disbelief in prayer. Neither of these are my intentions!
To my comrade, who disapproved of my dismissing the earlier statement, I subtantiated with the following instances; More than a few billion people die of hunger, disease, violence, terrorism, poverty and so on, another tens of thousands are vitimized due to rape, murder, extortion, crime, brutality, oppression, racism and so on, India alone is home to more than tens of thousands of people who do not own a place we call home! Tens of thouands of children below the age of eighteen are employed in the most harshest of work conditions and are also subjected to sexual, physical and mental abuse! All this is a mere speck of the whole truth which cannot be illustrated in words or numbers due to its immense magnitude and unquantifiable consequences!

My questions are two fold, one to my very good friend Vishal, to whom I ask, What is it that these people did, in order to deserve what they got? To believe that these millions have not prayed in any form or manner is a impossibility which squarely beats even the Law of Averages along with all known quantum mathematical odds!
And then, in general I ask, does any one really know the reason why such things happen in the first place? What I do know for sure, above all else is that the answers to either questions are an emphatic NO!
I am not attempting to elicit answers to questions which do not have any answers in the first place, but am merely illustrating that every incident that occurs does not necessarily have a reason or perhaps has one that is known only to the so-called creator alone!

My attempt via this post is to convey a message which I have learnt of late (in rather a hard manner though). It is that one should not attempt to look for a reason for everything that happens, for if one does so, then there stands every chance to lose one's peace and complicate the manner of thinking that drives a person! We have to understand and reconcile to the fact that we cannot determine reasons to happenings, perhaps not as yet!
Maybe a time is in the offing when we mortals will assume command of creation and defeat the oppressive monopoly who (if exists) has been ruling unchecked for a very long time now!
Patience my friend, at least technology is our making!
Until then, its no reason or rhyme, literally!

Epilogue -
I have written a few lines in this post that appear to convey a very derogatory opinion, however I wish to reiterate that the intention is not so.
I originally intended to delete those lines, however, after much thought deliberation with my own self, I left them to remain and rather explain their raison d'être.

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