Saturday, January 05, 2008

Twenty Oh Eight!

Surprises galore, the concept of Almost Sunday has passed, rather become obsolete and I have stepped into the practical and real (not surreal) side of life (if there is any that is). Listening to some fantabulous tracks such as Sleeping Child and Knocking on Heaven’s door. I try to fathom the course of life before it takes me there.

Some certainties in life are absolute and well known even before they can occur.
It is perhaps that reason I attribute the cause of life to that of the survivor (read: eye of the Tiger).

I guess affinity and aversion are more of myths than facts that are presented as necessities of time. Assumptions made are always assumptions and other things never remain the same. I’m listening to Destiny’s Child (Survivor) and telling myself that it is exactly what I am. In life time is a concept that brings about a certain change and learning that makes a man stronger and even more than ever and helps him find the pace of life rather than exact sympathies and compliments that are nothing more than useless trash dished out to dole out time that is running out. Life as we all know is a constant struggle (read: continuous improvement a.k.a Kaizen).

My fascination for numbers and elements remain and will continue to be forever, as along as the me exists in my self! (read: clarity in thought)
Questioning the purpose of life and its mirrored functioning has always been a fascination for me and I choose not to elicit any more support from the outside than what I have already asked (read: already depressingly demanded for).

They say “It’s not for me to reason or rhyme” (remember: The Charge of the Light Brigade), and they will keep saying so! From facts to figures to myths and many more, the absolute truth in life is that a person is always an island and connectivity is an added feature through the media of language, expression, will, abstention, communication and all the so called jazz (read: not the music).

I will forever continue to listen to music and read my favorite titles for it is these that help inspire me and drag myself forward as is needed by the world order.
Presently listening to Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven, I know for certain that a world does exist beyond our sight and feel where I will not stand accountable for those that I have not done or made to do (read: will to survive despite all odds).

Time in itself is a commodity (read: as I treat it), for me to pass through the vestiges (read: vagaries) that are oft presented to make life even more depressing and downgrading. There is a cost to everything that I seek, everything that I ask for, everything that I dream of and that price is a hefty packet (some may misunderstand this to be a measure in currency and value).

I remember those bright sunny days when I was young and I know that they will never ever come, but then what ever is the harm in dreaming of times bygone while sitting in the darkness and contemplating what I really am.
Does this make me dogma(tic), pragmatic, real, optimistic, pessimistic or anything at all? I guess it never does matter ever!

Perceptions are embedded states of time that are better best left unchanged unless at the workplace (read: work = money and that’s why )
The more I work to change perceptions, I am faced with alternates and alternates of those alternates which cannot always be alternated.

And then I also read somewhere that nothing lasts forever! In such a case where the ‘basic proportionality theorem’ guarantees that other things will never be the same, why then waste ‘precious’ time trying to decipher the path when the path is already one that is ‘thrusted’ onto my face.
This is something that I call some-sweet-surrender. I can’t help but remember Eminem’s super track “Lose Yourself.”
This year perhaps will bring about a heightened sense of self-actualization to my person and I care not to depress it in any form or manner (read: stupidity to some (many) readers).

I can’t help but wonder about the possibility of the Matrix, the possibility of humanity manifesting to become something more than what it has already made itself. I can’t help but wonder about climate change and our so-called ‘well-concerted’ efforts to prevent a cataclysmic effect on the weather.

I can’t help but wonder about the starving millions across the globe.

I can’t help but remember a concept called One Earth, one that is free, free from poverty, disease, coercion, duress, pressure, negativity and ill-will, one that is unconditional, true and yet continuing in its best appearance.

And because (read: grammatically & politically correct), of the price I have to pay for the freedom for being that, that I want to be and already am, I can’t help laughing out loud at the thought (read: supposed fact) at being remarked over and over again at being the Dead Man walking!

So then, please keep your very best distance. It’s called being far, far away!

Happy New Year! May the force be with you!

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