Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spelling TIME

00:00 - Null Time
11:11 - Nelson Time
12:34 - Progressive Time
13:13 - Parallel Time
13:31 - Reflective / Mirror Time

April 27, 2008 - 10:52 am IST
Life itself is made up of the concept of time, time that never ends, time that is always in short of what is actually needed, time that speeds away for many, yet ambles turtle paced for some others. Waiting for time to pass is perhaps one of the most distasteful things that we can engage ourselves to do. From Birth to Mortality is a specific time, and to keep ourselves from thinking about the inevitable, we engage ourselves in spells of activities investing a great deal of resources; essentially the most important of them being Time.
Convenience perhaps was the reason we divided a day into 24 hours, and coincidence that it adheres to natures way of consuming time, or is it the other way round?
It all began when time was null, when the counter stood paused at 00:00. The concept of Null Time is personal for when time is null for someone, it probablly was not for someone else.
When life began, the counter moved thus bringing a person to the world that we know. I keep wondering if at all there was another place that I could have been upon initialization of Null Time. Perhaps yes, perhaps no! In any case, I did not have a choice, and even if I probably had, I wouldnt have known what to choose!
I read somewhere that "Time is nature's way of making sure that things dont happen all at once." So then, once the counter moved, Null Time could never be achieved again until the end!
In came Nelson time, when many a times, everything seemed shoddily and sickeningly similar, when moments of action were unfulfiled because of the upcoming resultant which it seemed was deliberately constructed by some opposing force. Nevertheless, nelson time taught many a valued lesson and the original sinner was the snake that implored upon Man to commit the sin!
Ignorance is bliss, but this seemingly wonder-state was soon shattered and information flew at the speed of sound and eventually light making it impossible to ignore. Even worse it dragged the poor soul into a meaningless rat-race where only the rat was the winner.
No wonder, Nelson numbers and time are a bad omen, if you have to believe that is!
Life always flowed hither, thither and every weather seemingly without pattern. For many there seemed no pattern whatsoever, however, in truth, patterns existed well woven in every reality and its alternate. Every once a while, so as to deliberately fool the poor soul, a bright moment was interwoven with a promise of long standing glimmer. The poor foolish soul however blisfully believed that bliss was forever!
Progress also claimed a small but decent share of time and hence progressive time was always fast, did not stop for celebration and thus was in itself short lived. Progressive time however elated the soul to a state of temporal bliss.
With experience, actions became easy but stood stereotyped and lacked customization. The world turned grey with enormous shades of black and white and it soon dawned that the world was not a very good place to be after all, but as spoken earlier, there probably was no chance of an alternate situation.
Gradually realization came that there were two realities; one that was subscribed to and the other that was trashed! Parallel actions are those that echo the core that one stands for; meaning to say that a cluster of like-minded elements came together to agree on a specific, however the agenda to stick together was more so an act of selfishness than a reason to proliferate good!
Any which ways, the fact that elements came together was in itself commendable.
Intellect grew with time and experience and with it grew an innate quality to introspect.
Introspection put the soul on a different platform and helped accelerate organic growth.
It indicated the presence of a larger than life conscious that kept aiding and augmenting the person within, which stands more important than a superficial, metaphorical and cliched living.
Such is TIME.

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