Friday, August 29, 2008

The Great Divide

Just when the nation was recovering from a terrorist attack in Gujarat and its embassy in Kabul, it seems to have another daunting task at hand in handling the religious crisis that has erupted in Orissa (besides the ominous rioting in kashmir)

We seem to have done it again! The Indian brand of secularism is a failing apparatus and needs to be reworked upon with a great deal of conviction and force. With one debilitating blow we have rendered ourselves to be portrayed as uncivilized neanderthals vying for blood all in the name of religion and caste!
While history has been consistent in witnessing bloodshed over religion, in today's democratic system, there is a need for tolerance and understanding that will foster a better and peaceful coexistence which is essential for the social structure to survive and further itself. As a country we cannot afford to be thrust in the face of problems, especially considering the tremendous people and intellectual resources needed to help shape the economy. Political factions and vested interests will continue to encourage factionalism to foster hatred among communities in order to politicize the issue. However, it is extremely distressing to note that people take up cue from such instances and act as savages against their fellow beings. Sadly such communal incidents seem to be prevalent in an environment that is devoid of basic necessities that facilitate a decent lifestyle. People entrenched in such places need to devote their focus on subjects such as self-reliance, food, sanitation, health care, education and most of all tolerance.

Yesterday, a prominent newspaper carried a photograph of a radical someone tying a VHP flag onto a Cross above a church. Such an act does little to help the world understand India better but on the contrary represents the fanaticism of a certain community and labels the country and its inhabitants as mercenaries rather than peace loving people. Taking suo moto cognizance of the ongoing violence, the Orissa high court directed the government to desptach armed forces to take control of the situation and defuse it. It is shameful that we have to be herded like cattle and our movements restricted and monitored all as a result of our own actions. In doing what we did in Orissa we have displayed that despite echoing the need for prosperity and peace across the nation, we live on a fragile platform that can miserably fail at the drop of a feather! We also fail to understand that such incidents result in deep wounds that take light years to heal.

It is 2008 and the world is focusing on development, knowledge management, efficient technological and people resources and above all else an environment to foster good living conditions. Maintaining peace and tranquil is not an option, it is a mandate that has to be followed by the people rather than being imposed upon them top-down by a governing authority. We cannot continue to live in the medieval ages and encourage lawlessness and disdain for that would lead us to a path of certain devastation (if there is anything left to be devastated i.e)

As I close this post, I leave you with a disturbing image that portrays the aftermath of the carnage. Take a moment to notice the poverty stricken family and their misery. Is this how we would want the world to see us? Is this our representation of ourselves coming of age as a people and a nation? Will this be the legacy that we would foster our children to inherit?

Image courtesy: The Times of India


  1. Some how i feel the politicians are playing an imp role.
    They just run behind their motives and forget about the country....

  2. I agree Rakesh! Politicos need to be given goal sheets and clearly defined goals that help accelerate development and made accountable failing which their rampage cannot be checked.

    And most importantly we need to ensure exercising our vote (me included)

  3. Rakesh:

    Very rightly said,"Maintaining peace and tranquil is not an option, it is a mandate that has to be followed by the people rather than being imposed upon them top-down by a governing authority"

    Nice post..good effort1

  4. Democracy in a practice that can only be successful in a country where at least primary school education is accessible to all...
    wonderful post..
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    do visit..

  5. Devika Ma'am -

    Thanks very much for your comments as always. Appreciate them
    I wonder when we'd understand the importance of peace as a nation and stop infighting!

  6. MIP -

    Yes indeed, sadly we do not inculcate in ourselves and our children the values of democracy and a civilized living and that is a direct result of lack of basic education. Thanks for your comment!

  7. nicely written! i feel in today's world democracy in the true sense never works! politicians have too much vested interests to think about country and its ppl.

  8. Deepsat, thanks for visiting and also for your comments!
    Sadly democracy in its true form is extinct thanks to the corrupt breed of politicians existing.
    I wish future generations liberate this country from the shackles of evil!

  9. I get tongue-tied when it comes to politics..
    I liked your post .. well-written..

  10. Aria, even I get tongue tied when it comes to politics. Who except politicians doesnt?
    Thanks for visiting my blog and posting your comments. Appreciate it. Do keep visiting