Thursday, December 03, 2009

On the shores of Kerala

The sands of time and shores of Kerala hold the same meaning to me - unequivocal bliss! But bliss isn't something that is chanced upon often, is it? Unless otherwise one has entered the league of the extraordinary who live in renunciation of the material realm in the quest for the real, that is! So, after a painfully long interlude of close to 4 years, setting foot in Kerala makes me feel elated beyond anything that I can imagine!

It seems this is precisely the kind of life I'd like to lead - to be able to rise up to the Sun, watch the day pass by, in silent hues, comfortably ensconced in the recesses of a very private realm, far away from the vagaries of the maddening world and be able to pay rich tributes to the creator and his wonderful conception - least of it, by appreciating the world that I am part of, in deference, that, it is more of a privilege than a matter of right!

I'm not entirely sure if this place brings out a certain magical element that appeals to the inner me, but I'd like to believe it surely does! The pristine elements, a departure from chaotic routines, letting go of frenzied wants that are often confused for absolute needs and a deep sense of belonging, supplemented with a feeling of being in equilibrium adds immensely to an invigorated self!

So, as Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmarron, sang, I too feel quite like saying, rather yelling out loud into oblivion, that "Here I am, this is me, there's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be."


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  2. Kerala --I never knew I would miss my place so much.....but back there I sometimes miss Delhi...especially the winter and the crazy, trendy crowd and some good friends :)

    So, have a nice time...I'm sure you will get bored after some time!! :)


    PS: that first part was for someone else....somehow windows crossed while typing :))

  3. I am waiting to return to my home.. 'home where my heart is.. and I bet I will be singing that song Here I am.. once there... !! just hoping to fast forward the next 4 months !!!!!

  4. We are happy to see you back
    in bloggieworld ^__^
    Home sweet home ...

  5. I knew, you must be wandering somewhere else, there ain't any reason for not posting in your blog! Glad to see you back! Kerala beaches are bliss!

  6. Enzaaaaaiiii !!!! I guess to feel that bliss, even I should stay away from kerala for a while !!! :D :D :D

  7. man after a long long time huh!!!....I am glad that you are enjoying yourself.....had a lot to talk to ya...will do it soon

  8. Hi Rakesh! Great to see you posting!! Kerala? I'll go there one day... ;)

    There is a weird bridge waiting for you at Blogtrotter. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  9. Rakesh,
    You don't have to explain this in too much detail. I am seething with jealousy, you see..

  10. happy to see you back..
    happy vacation!

  11. Hmm.. I've been to Kerala once.. I had similar thoughts of settling down in a place like that where I can observe sea everyday in its pristine beauty .. I guess the only thing I'd miss there is Delhi's winters..
    hope you are having a nice time :)