Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Normalcy returns to Ooty

It has been an agonizing two months now since Cyclone Phyan left a trail of disaster in Ooty. Life has returned to a state of normalcy with most part of the road networks being restored day before and the mountain railway line being declared open early yesterday.

However, a lot more needs to be done and that includes taking steps to ensure that such a tragedy does not repeat in the face of torrential rainfall and inclement weather. And as a first step, that should involve understanding the effects of our actions that are responsible for an adverse impact on the nature - here, elsewhere and everywhere!

Construction and rampant disfiguring of the hills (popularly known as Sholas, here) have been brought under check following the incidents of the past year and attempts are being made to learn lessons to effect conservation, however, questions remain as to how long the heat will remain before the attitude retires to being lukewarm and subsequently unresponsive and irresponsible! One hopes that the change isn't momentary!

Besides, the lackadaisical attitude of visiting tourists has ensured rapid degradation of this once wonderful paradise - often referred to as the queen of hills! The situation needs to be addressed urgently and corrections need to be effected. We are decades late in the job!

It's not like we have another Earth to go to!


Cyclone Phyan creates an emergency


  1. Its always good to hear life is normal, amd may it remain normal everywhere --

    "It's not like we have another Earth to go to!" -- Ofcourse, atleast at this point in time! :)


  2. Normal Life -- Good to hear that,
    Hope, remaining works will also get finished in a short time.

  3. Great to hear everything is normal
    It's really sad why tourists behave as responsible citizens..and own up!!

  4. very true....we have only one earth....action is needed immediatley

  5. Whats the reason behind closing of Ooty for so many months?

  6. Gr8 !!!! I had plans to come over there during the Thanksgiving holidays ! Cancelled because of the weather !! Now I donno if I can even plan such a trip ;) But will meet you for sure if you are there ! :D

  7. 'How long the heat will remain'.....this is the matter which needs to be given a thought. I fail to understand why we wait for calamities to occur to jump into all sorts of action and keep sleeping until then.

  8. I'm happy my life is normal .... LOL

  9. I used to love ooty. But in my last visit there(which was about 3 years back) i was alarmed at what was happening. It's good that people are realizing that they've made mistakes. But like you rightly pointed out... how long is this going to last?

  10. dude, nice place u have here. i used to follow ur blog but sadly, all my bookmarks got deleted thanks to the crash of my browser. and congrats for the WebNeeTech interview.

    btw, samby told me that u have his number. can u mail me @ abt the same?

  11. Seriously.. The excess tourists have spoilt the place like anything.. When i went to Ooty for the first time, it was "WOW!".. now its not even .0009th of such a reaction..

  12. Glad to know that things are getting better. Lets hope the authorities concerned will act with good intentions.

  13. Good to hear that normalcy has been restored to life.
    We the people our country has to realize we are ourselves responsible for keeping it clean.

  14. a relief to know that life has returned to normal! really, it's the very "normalness", the "ordinariness" of life that makes for all its beauty and joy and blessing. ordinary is indeed extraordinary!

    thanks rakesh for your visit and inspiring words!! true, simply being AWARE of at least some of the wrongs that are happening around us can by itself lead one to correct oneself, and make subtle positive shifts and changes to one's way of life...
    Well, here's wishing you an awesome and wonderful new year 2010!! hope to see more of your wonderfully inspiring blog posts... and may all the dreams and desires of your innermost heart be fulfilled in wonderful ways! Take care, and God bless you.