Monday, February 01, 2010

Speak to me

Run, rabbit run. 
Dig that hole, forget the sun, 
And when at last the work is done 
Don't sit down it's time to dig another one. 

For long you live and high you fly 
But only if you ride the tide 
And balanced on the biggest wave 
You race towards an early grave.

-- Speak to me, Pink Floyd, (Dark Side of the Moon), 17-03-1973

Small towns are wonderful. They are small, easy on you and foster a sense of bonding like no other. Throw in good friends here and life is truly blissful, of a kind that will probably not be experienced even in the most sophisticated metro due to its haphazard lifestyles and constant 'on-the-move' designs mostly as a result of the maddening rat race!

So today, when 49 of us got-together to watch the much reviewed 3 Idiots, followed by a good session of cheerful exchanges and hearty laughter, we were doing just the thing that we ought to be doing - celebrating our long lived associations that hold tremendous respect and love for one another, by the grace of God!

To me this is more pleasurable than pub-hopping and once in a while getting togethers, which are largely at a professional level due to one's organizational and official affiliations!

How many of us do some serious introspection about the quality of life we lead and the outcomes of such schedules?  Do we assign enough importance to happiness which needs to be the central aspect of our lives? Perhaps not, as a result of which we suffer the consequences of our ill construed actions!

We alone are responsible for the manner in which our lives progress - good or bad. We alone stand to take the blame or deserve the credit!

We alone are the dark side of the moon - or the brighter one!


  1. Hey
    "Pink Floyd"
    Great choice Rakesh yeahhhh....
    We have almost all records
    ( its almost antique
    I was in that time a teenager,
    my brother is six years older and he bought the records it was cheap for me !!
    I could listen for free .... LOL

    oops !!
    about your post
    Life has ups
    Life has downs
    Life is beautiful
    Try to enjoy everyday :-)

  2. The quality of life is one thing we always have a discussion on dont we rak!...and wat u have said is absolutely true....the life u r leadin is much better!!!!


  3. True Rakesh. We are responsible for everything that happens to us which we often blame it on our fate or the one above. and everythings just in our mind ! Sometimes I feel, my mind loves playing a lot of games with itself ! :D :D

  4. Anya

    Wow! Good to know that you are Pink Floyd fan too! It certainly is art, isn't it?

    And yes, life has its ups and downs, but we need to strike the balance constantly!



  5. Shahid

    Oh yes, my friend.....we always talk about it and strive to do something, which will certainly materialize in the coming times!



  6. Vimmuuu

    Indeed - we create a web of deceitful structures in our lives and then complain of not having any peace with ourselves!

    Its time we did something about it through a very conscious and concise effort!

    Oh, and about the mind, its not just yours....... the mind is devious ;)



  7. Survivor

    Thanks very much!



  8. Jinxed! I have been trying since the morning to do this!

    Anyways. You know, every day you prove me right by saying just the things a serviceman would. Small town charm.. Ahh... ddun, chakrata, kimin(arunachal) wellington . The small town charm is linked inseparably with army life.

    Floyd is great... More so with the hash you will grow in your small town hill cottage. Ha ha.

    Coming to introspection... It is indispensible 4 me! I've heard people cautioning against doing it too much. But I personally cannot have enough of it! I have been doing the process long before I was old enough to know the term for it. The philosophy of the wisest man is mainly derived from introspection... Whether it is how to make yourself better each day or that quote about a lion's roar.. 'Wink' Haha... That depends...

  9. It is essential before I lie down to think about the day gone by... Compare it with the how I planned it to go... Sometimes on reactions or outbursts i've had.. Were they called or uncalled for. Evaluation ?Sometimes I am super pleased with myself , sometimes sacred of what I am becoming. But whatever it is , I stay honest. However many masks I wear during the whole day... This is the time when I am honest, with myself, and thats what matters... For me. It is a wonderful journey Rakesh, I an myself the traveller and myself the road...the means... Like you said.. The bright side or the dark.. Depends solely on one himself.

    Sorry for the long rant. But as I have
    already said on your blog... I feel as it is a bit mine too... I know you understand! Take care man!

  10. Samby my buddy pal

    Thanks so much for your comments, which truly mean a great deal to me, especially considering the painful effort of posting them from a mobile device!

    Yes, small towns are indeed wonderful and remarkable places to live one's life than merely exist as is the case with life in fast paced metropolitan cities!

    Oh yeah, we do have some plans for Floyd in the times to come, don't we? ;)

    Regarding introspection - any amount is less I feel, provided one does not get too critical about oneself...... for introspection is the only tool that will give one a glimpse into oneself with the hope that "all iz well." ;)

    There are always the mere mortals and the ones who challenge - read: Jonathan Livingstone Seagull! What we want to be, is a choice we make in personal and professional capacity and I'd choose the latter for I do not wanna be a face in the lost crowd! Now that's a certain degree of being introspective with regards to my thoughts and actions...... precisely the reason, perhaps, Knofler sang "Brothers in Arms."

    And as far as your comments go, please do post as much as you desire, for this space reflects my thoughts and perspectives as much as they reflect yours too, nothing less, I assure!

    Cheers mate!


  11. I agree with you. Today we have become so much engaged in our own world that we do not have time for anyone. It was more than 6 years since I went on a trip with my friends. I still cherish those memories.

  12. Rajesh

    Yes, we have lost the whole idea of how we should live our lives. In truth, we merely exist for the sake of living and often confuse so many things with the realities of life!



  13. Awesomeness.... 49 of you...? Incredible.... and yes, we are lost and following the lane absentmindedly forgetting how to live actually

  14. Vee

    Yes pal, 49 of us! Was quite a group!

    And yeah, we are today lost in the quagmire of what is work, life and a hotch-potch mix of the two!

    God save us!



  15. I need to listen to Pink Floyd for the lyrics and the philosophy! And for the music too... Can you suggest some of your favourite Pink floyd songs as a separate post so that we can start some where :)

    I too think that life in smaller towns are better than the ones in cities - at people are clear and straight forward about what they want and what they can have. People in larger cites keep floating on big bubbles and when the bubble bursts, they are clueless!! But then I am too young to write such a comment :)

    Destination Infinity

  16. DI

    Floyd for me has been the best musical marvel, ever and will be so forever, for its superbly constructed ways that facilitate deep introspection!

    I sure will make a post on the lines that you said!

    And yes, I do agree with your beliefs on small towns and the big ones and the people in them!