Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy birthday RO

Redefining Oblivion turns 4 today!

Originally cast under a different space and name on July 21, 2004, this space is the result of an underdog's desire to reach out to the world in an effort to learn and experience the many wonders that are!

Today, after close to 6 years of having begun blogging, and 4 years of having experienced the joy of this wonderful medium known to us as Blogger, I am an extremely happy man, fortunate for being able to interact with wonderful people such as you, through who I see and know different worlds, rich in culture, well-being, happiness and above all else - a sense of togetherness like no other!

At this juncture, I'd like to whole heartedly thank my 5500+ readers and fellow bloggers from across 1043 individual locations in 99 countries for their 12000+ visits, tracked since the incorporation of the Google Analytics tracking system in December 2008 within this space! Your visits mean a whole lot to me and are a constant source of unparalleled pleasure and medium of interaction, something which I dearly look forward to!

I cannot say enough to express my love, sense of happiness and gratitude!

Love you all!

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