Friday, May 21, 2010

À la Culture

I will forgive you for assuming that I made a mess of culture and cuisine, or rather a mash of the two! Oh, just in case you didn't, I'd like you to know I was referring to the title of this post in a rather benign manner considering the mighty malignancies that have plagued diversity, culture, development and perhaps the most abused of them all - dialogue! No sarcasms, honestly! Only hopes!

According to the United Nations, today is the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, adopted in the aftermath of the 9/11 incident, aimed at facilitating culturally diverse communities to understand the values of coming together with the objective of achieving harmonious working relationships, or better still - partnerships. Sounds certainly more creative, promising and diplomatic, I gather!

Now, I know this is very difficult to get across to a politician, but perhaps the esteemed body of diplomats at the General Assembly thought it better to create a little something for the occasion nevertheless, in the belief that figurative gestures of goodwill need only to be lettered in print while clearly being devoid of any purposeful understanding or an ability to function, or both; something that you and I would choose to call a matter of convenience, I suppose?

Now, before some of you jump up to accuse me of disregard, let me assure you that I do know the 'supposed' significance of this 'illustrious' occasion, which is to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to “live together” better. (No, those quotes surrounding live together were not inserted by me!)

Meanwhile the IAEA can have it's every-so-often tête-à-tête with Iran while the IMF can continue to use Apac as a drawing board for implementing it's macroeconomic policies heavily riddled with conditionalities! How very cultural and diverse, or both!

Did anyone notice; that following these rough times in the corporate world, even the United Nations has evolved, for starters, adopting it's very own punch line, which reads that "It's your world."



This post is by no means an attempt to deride a world body! Any suggestive notions are to be regarded as misleading and dismissed immediately! For the same reason, I ought to have titled this little note as 'Disclaimer' rather than 'Footnotes.'

Once again, honestly, no sarcasms! Only hopes!

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