Monday, May 10, 2010

Tribute to Motherhood

It is perhaps quite like being showy to highlight dates to commemorate Motherhood and the many wonders associated with it. Truly, and in earnestness, one should pay respectful tribute on a very continually personal basis, through every thought, word and deed, or so I believe!

Nevertheless, I couldn't stop myself from summing up a few quotes of tribute on the occasion. Apt and full of meaning, yet simple and clear, these are, I believe, elegant masterpieces uttered by the wise over time in admiration of what is perhaps the most beautiful, loving and supportive of creations, to say the least that is!

No painter's brush, nor poet's pen, in justice to her fame, has ever reached half high enough, to write a mother's name. ~Author Unknown

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love. ~Mildred B. Vermont

She never quite leaves her children at home, even when she doesn't take them along. ~Margaret Culkin Banning

Women are aristocrats, and it is always the mother who makes us feel that we belong to the better sort. ~John Lancaster Spalding

Now, as always, the most automated appliance in a household is the mother. ~Beverly Jones

That best academy, a mother's knee. ~James Russell Lowell

Grown don't mean nothing to a mother. A child is a child. They get bigger, older, but grown? What's that suppose to mean? In my heart it don't mean a thing. ~Toni Morrison, Beloved, 1987

A little girl, asked where her home was, replied, "where mother is." ~Keith L. Brooks

Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother's secret hope outlives them all. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother. ~Abraham Lincoln

A man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's work is never done. ~Author Unknown

The best conversations with mothers always take place in silence, when only the heart speaks. ~Carrie Latet

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. ~Oprah Winfrey

A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. ~Irish Proverb


The 'State of the World's Mothers 2010' released yesterday has ranked India 73rd in the list of 77 nations rated for the "best place to be a mother." This clearly means that there is a lot that needs to be done for womens' emancipation in India, primary among them being the issues pertaining to education, health and socio-economic well-being!

"The report has highlighted the shortage of trained health workers, mostly in the semi-urban and rural villages that house majority of Indian population, as the main reason behind the country's sorry state of health care system. The report analysed a total of 166 countries, among which Sweden is placed at the top while Afghanistan is at the bottom."

Excerpts from the State of the World's Mothers 2010 report

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