Friday, June 18, 2010

Take me away

I've been asked a number of times as to what my greatest fear is! In a very jocular sense and almost immediately after being asked so, always, I've retorted with the word 'myself!' And, I keep wondering what that actually would be, for all of us do have some sense of fear, most certainly, whether we choose to readily acknowledge it by saying what it is, or mean to keep that a secret and wear a whiff of confidence and an air of invincible importance in the attempt to convey a sense of courage!

Many of us have long passed the state of being afraid of snakes, heights, water or insensible actions, primarily as a result of mastery over the mind and experience, or rather an impeccable combination of both, which many a times proves to be a very staunch ally in the road of life, often helping us overcome even the most mountainous of obstacles!

So coming back to what I would term as my primal fear, you know what that is? It is the fear of witnessing the deaths of loved ones as my own life would progress into a seemingly endless tapestry of eventful handiwork supposedly given to extend only for that very purpose of being such a mute and wretched spectator! I fear, most, of being the one who would see endless deaths of friends and family without having the opportunity to conclude myself until such a point in time when all of them who matter the most have been expended! I have a very uncanny premonition that this one is going to be true, so much as I'm sure of my name!

Diagnostically speaking, I'm told Necrophobia is the term!

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