Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Time goes by

No, not Madonna's confessions on a dance floor! I'm talking of how unimaginably fast days are fleeting by!

Is it just me who is feeling so? What seems to be the reason? I mean, 2010 happened just a while ago and now we are poised to complete one half it! Is it that we are so engrossed in life and it's very mundanely routine happenstances, that we fail to notice the passage of time? Or is it that the collective stress of what we endure causes nature to push forward the limitation of time so that life maybe kind on us?

Remember childhood? That brilliant time of life when actually being lived would never seem to pass? Maybe it's our over zealous quest for the end that is perhaps driving us towards it at seemingly light speeds!

Good to keep thinking, but the truth is that there's no stopping the tick-tock!

I found a marvelous time-lapse video on the internet which perhaps is a perfect representation of how 'time flies.' Titled City Life, it is a creation of Spencer Black, and the fantastic background score is by composer Constantin Philippou. Do take a look!

City Life (HD) from Constantin Philippou on Vimeo.

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