Monday, September 27, 2010

Messy games!

Inputs from New Delhi about the upcoming Common Wealth Games are worrying. With barely a few days left to witness the commencement of what ideally should be a matter national pride, the current situation can at best be described as being 'unhealthy, uncommon and certainly unbecoming,' a very sad reflection of the undercurrents in the theme of what is a very prestigious event, that, if managed well, could give India the thrust to position itself as a nation capable of showcasing prowess and excellence, for the world to see!

This post is not written to rant about stray dogs defecating in accommodation meant for visiting athletes, unsafe electrical systems in the games village, disgusting sanitation facilities in the complex, collapsing bridges and ceilings, inaction of the Indian Prime Minister's Office or the very recent sordid tales of racism - all of which are being periodically reported by the media with a great deal of enthusiasm, coupled with the views of delegations that are preparing to arrive or, now refraining from doing so!

I'm highly bemused and also grievingly saddened by the fact that such a colossal effort manned by supposedly professional people has gone awfully wrong, merely because of the lack of a well laid out project management plan! Isn't it time that the honourable government entrusted such momentous projects to professionally managed organizations?

I'm not sure how many people up there realize that this is actually history in the making!

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