Friday, October 22, 2010

Surprises galore

Hold on to your thoughts! Do not let your imagination get the better of you! And most importantly, do not let the title of this post mislead you! Surprises are not always meant to be nice and they have a way of arriving unannounced, thereafter, creating a complete shakeup in the manner in which one's thought process is structured, questioning the very assumptions made to help understand life and its ongoings in a better manner.

In a world where the principles of excellence and efficiency are nothing short of driving forces, one naturally expects entities to be wiser with experience, if not always by education or an innate sense, but it seems clearly that such an expectation is utopian and far-fetched, for you'd be rudely jolted at the fact that there is nothing short of a whole populace that can at best be described as miserably foolish and intellectually challenged, surely beyond the possibility of repair! And, as if that wasn't already worse enough, these elements are comfortably ensconced, or rather embedded, at the very helm of affairs!

I'm wondering if it is a fundamental problem associated with the Indian mindset that sets it to emphatically, and at most times arrogantly, rest in the belief that competence and excellence are apart from what is normal! Perhaps one could attribute it to faulty genetic inheritance, en masse? But there remains no doubt for me to be assertive and complete in my belief that within the realm of space and time, here, now and forever, there will continue to be us and them - co-existing in agony! That should set a lot of them thinking more than just once if ignorance really is a state of bliss, while I sincerely hope that my sarcasm is seen as illustratively educative.

Come to think of it, life never really ceases to surprise me!

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