Friday, November 12, 2010

A and I

A and I first met in the year 1997! Firm shake of hands, round of introductions and exchange of pleasantries later, we realized instantly that there was a great deal in common, especially in the manner in which we thought, and that set about the beginning of what was to be a very warm relationship, that was truly one of a kind.

The passage of time brought us closer to one another, earning us the title of being 'brothers-in-arms!' In the offing was a friendship that was being built on very strong foundations of trust, admiration and respect. Eventually, it wasn't too surprising to have found an unspoken level of understanding developing among us. It was as if there was a great deal of inherent trust that has been in existence from much long before. Surprisingly, we were very different from one another and I'd like to believe that the strength of being complementary in togetherness was what brought us together and so definitively closer. A had off-the-shelf solutions to almost everything and viewed situations in a very pragmatic manner, much like how a mathematician would study equations with utmost focus on accuracy and logic!

But there are no perfect endings to wonderful beginnings! What began so brilliantly well was eventually brought to ruin owing to my immaturity and insensitivity, and we parted ways, almost in the likelihood of never being able to come face to face again! Years passed, places changed, perspectives altered and yet bygones remained in the mind with an impassable sense of guilt that the past could have been better scripted.

But that was until now! As is always the norm after a rainy squall, the glorious sun comes up to accentuate the life cycle. Clouds part and there is light, there is a new glimmer of hope and a promise of a brighter future. The storm withers and the beaten path begins to take shape again!

Today, some 13 years after, I couldn't ask for more than our momentous coming together that is historic! Having shed away the bygones, I find myself being welcomed with more than just open arms. My sense of elation cannot be described. There is only so much that I can conjure up in words to tell you how I feel - to be able to relive those wonderful moments once again knowing fully well that this 'homecoming' is a path charted out by destiny rather than by chance!

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