Monday, November 01, 2010

Madras Central

Chennai, (erstwhile Madras), is a confluence of many cultures and ideologies, thronging from regional politics of the Tamil Dravidian kind to almost insanely iconic references to Rajinikanth! Being the idl-vada-sambhar capital of the world, it, perhaps, can be accorded as being the titular abode of the quintessential south Indian who oscillates from between Tanjore and Tennessee! So, when the winds of change directed my sails to head to Chennai, a little something spoke from within, in a mix of ecstatic enthusiasm and cautious optimism, and here I am, in a place unknown, calling it home for an indefinite period of time!

At 371 years of youthfulness, this bustling beacon of the South is a behemoth that never sleeps, allowing it's perpetually milling-around denizens to constantly make routine journeys within and outside it's confines that would put cross-country marathon men to shame! It is in this bustling metropolis that I have come to realize how nomadic we have become in the quest for a purpose, an exercise - every once so often, almost always invoked by destiny! One gets a mix of reactions upon landing here, some of which evoke old time charm and yet others that propel in the mind an urge to immediately be part of an expansive stream of professionals living hi-speed lives in a never ending quest for sustenance and success! Visiting Chennai, one immediately feels that there is an ample measure of tradition co-existing with modernity, which is among the many elements that make up a place, as well as the many definitely vivid and stark dichotomies echoed by the dualities of life! Rapidly coming to terms with a vast and ever-changing assemblage of people and prospects, diluted with multitudes of culture and customs, one attempts, in a very personal yet imitable manner, to seep in and become part of the flow that is surely overwhelming in scale.

But there is much more to this place, than just being India's second largest exporter of IT enabled services or being known for culinary delights that appeal to the inside or being an important host of Indian classical and carnatic music! And that is unique, something that is arrived upon differently, purely aided by perspectives and understanding, on a very personalized and individual basis. During the course of my stay here, it is that differentiating factor to myself, that I hope to understand through rich measures of experience and happenstances in my life, along with the many peculiarities that my eyes will so meticulously feed to the mind in order to make a definitive comprehension!

I look forward to very refreshing times, and most importantly to the prospect of being able to meet some very dear fellow-bloggers, here in Chennai, with whom I've shared such a wonderful equation! Suddenly, it appears that there is a whole lot to do, at the mercy of such less time, probably an overcoming feeling that is as a result of the effect of change! This is certainly the beginning of a new era, one of new promises, new challenges and hopefully new avenues of happiness!

So, Chennai, here I am, or must I rather say Vanakkam?

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