Monday, January 24, 2011

Dateline Chennai

Nik Gowing of the BBC would not be too happy that I chose to title the first part of this post after his popular feature on London, but I couldn't do otherwise, considering this very interesting snippet I chanced upon while sampling some good continental cuisine over the weekend.

This seems to be a very interesting detail of the history of Chennai and how it came to be! The image is compressed and will require a double click plus some degree of magnification to read through, after which one finds a great deal of interesting things about the city in a chronological format. It was worth the read to me and I thought it would make a wonderful Monday morning post, especially after a bit of running around places to get the original paper which was much larger than the standard A4 scanned, and finally ending up cutting it slipshod considering that it wouldn't fit into any flatbed scanner otherwise. Worth the effort, I thought! 

Have a good week ahead folks!

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