Monday, February 21, 2011

Affirmatively Singular

Time, this month, ran a feature on Project Singularity, something that I have spoken about here sometime ago.

Leafing its pages in solitude, partly glossing over and partly in the mood to read with the mind screaming the need for a complete shutdown, after a tough day's work, this piece brought more worry than cheer, especially after the cover page that emblazoned human immortality to be a possibility by the year 2045.

Anyhow, that being a question of perpetual perplexity - I arrived at a graphical representation of time and human capability indexed to outline how evolution of the machines have taken place until now and how that will, in geometrical proportion, outpace the capability of intelligence displayed by an average human being, owing to evolved and collective intelligence.

By the time I 'leafed through' that article, I was more weary and edgy of a possibility that concerns labelling my kind in obsolescence, than in evolutionary progression.

Pacing home, amidst mixed thoughts on how technology has become a necessarily invasive part of my life, I set about thinking that 2045 is merely 34 years away, and not so long into the distant future, after all - Perhaps an era that I'd be better off not to be a part!

The day after, I made no attempt to find the representation online but did venture to read a tad bit more about Singularity, when I chanced upon Brain Malow's articulation of the future and how it may become! Now, thanks so much to humor from the science comedian on that part - certainly relieves one from going to work on a Monday morning with an eerie feeling of what that deary PC may be watching and waiting for, after all!

But for now, well apart from the pages detailing Singularity, there is not a whole lot more than Mark Knopfler's masterpiece 'Why aye man.'

"We're the nomad tribes, travelling boys, in the dust and dirt and the racket and the noise"

Great sound, indeed!

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