Friday, May 06, 2011

Blue Mountains Calling

Endless expanses of plummeting rich green, shouldered by soulful mighty blue mountains where clouds come calling for the hand to feel, the air is rich with the calling of birds, bees and beetles and the smells of pine, tea and eucalyptus linger ever-fresh for the senses to indulgently savour.

Blue skies dotted with puffy moist lingering clouds, which make way for warm and soothing sunshine, reflect in awe as if in appreciation of nature's dexterously delightful artistry of the land below.

The inner self is rewarded with a state of perpetual bliss and there is little interference of time, allowing one to embrace unending measures of many bountiful offerings of this gifted land. The child in the self is awakened and an enchanting progression of natural invigoration envelopes the body, mind and soul.

One enters a sublime state of marvel, and realizes that there is no quest for material associations, which otherwise engulf the mind, perpetually dogging it to embark on a maddeningly never-ending journey of crazed pursuit.

There is only the quest to unite with nature, to be one with it - to be one of it!

The call of the blue mountains is all alluring, particularly when one's soul resides amidst those very enthralling wonders, and I'm ecstatic about my short vacation to Ooty.

Truly, going home, to Ooty, is a celebration of sorts! 

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