Monday, August 01, 2011

State of Disconnect & Dissociation

My Dear Blog

You have for so long been a very inherent and important part of my life, so much so that we view each other as part of the same self and an equally similar faculty of the mind and the body in harmonious co-existence.

For sometime now, however, there has been a sense of disconnect and dissociation, owing largely to how my life has been deeply involved with the routine of work. Such a neglect surely is unpardonable, for work, I have always believed, is only a portion of life and not life itself.

That I haven't been able to keep you abreast with my thoughts and that I haven't been able to visit and pay obeisance to the collective creative excellence of your wonderful counterparts has cast long and dark shadows of melancholy and despondence within me, to the extent of what is now a wound such as a deep abyss!

I will strive hard to center my life on life itself with the realization that all else is merely an add on to life, and that my mind, with its constant endeavour to seek the purpose of life, as a part of that very effort, will sincerely attempt to attach itself more deeply and passionately with the way that you help chart forward.

I cannot say how much comfort you provide me, for there could be nothing so blissful as talking to you.

Lots and Lots of Love and Peace


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