Friday, October 28, 2011

And Peace Reigns

It was on this day in 1962 that the dreaded Cuban Missile Crisis came to an end with Soviet Union ordering the removal of missile bases in Cuba. Those 14 days in October reminded the world of how perilously close it came to annihilation when the fate of millions literally hinged upon the ability of two men.

In the days that followed, when heaved sighs of relief were breathed in unison, across continents, and among echelons of power executives, one man's words would, in some ways, stand out in reassuring humanity's ardent commitment and, in many ways, desperate efforts to stall evil and maintain peace. Then American National Security Advisor, McGeorge Bundy, was reported to have remarked that “having come so close to the edge, we must make it our business not to pass this way again.”

Assuredly, nature has its own ways of reigning in the renegade and maintaining order to ensure that peace is preserved. Illogical and insane acts of obdurate and deranged minds will be crushed by their own misdemeanour and general good will eventually prevail, reassuring the rest that the world continues to be a virtuous abode for the just and worthy.


Pictures taken by me on Diwali

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