Monday, October 10, 2011

Rocky Blue Mountains - Goodbye

Monday, October 03, 2011

Dear Michele

It is today, after a month's absence, that I visited my blog and those of all of my friends, you included.

To read that you are now closing down your blog makes me feel very unhappy, but I'm sure you have your compulsions which are serious, without which you wouldn't have taken the decision you have.

Understandably, I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of your work and have remarked in awe of how beautiful your wonderful nation is and how wonderfully well you have been able to portray it.

I shall pray that your health remains well and that you continue to enjoy your brilliant world and feel happy and healthy always.

More importantly, I pray that the camera be your everlasting companion, and that you continue to enjoy the wonderful sights of the British Colombian heaven, which it truly is.

Its been so much of a pleasure being associated with you and I feel I have seen a very different facet of the world through your eyes.

Thank you very much!

Good luck and God Speed!



Michele of Rocky Blue Mountains decided to wind up her wonderful blog sometime ago.
Redefining Oblivion wishes her well and thanks her remarkable effort in showcasing some of the finest views of the Canadian outbacks which are breathtaking in their beauty and awe-inspiring in their spirit. 

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