Friday, November 18, 2011

Inside Tamil Nadu

India's biggest vegetable baskets lie across the expanses of Tamil Nadu. Motoring through its heartland this past weekend, we discovered a land of exquisite sights and sounds, and these marvels even in the smallest measure satiate the senses no end.

Traversing a small part of this great wonder, lush with paddy fields, neem trees and coconut palms wet with padded fertile soil, one is treated to sublime ways of life happily disconnected from the maddening rush.

Simplicity and contentment greet us every step of the 339 odd miles we drive through. There is a heightened sense of peace and blissful coexistence with nature which unfailingly offers bounties to all those who call upon her.

As day gives way to dusk, the sound of temple bells thronging faintly in the distance is heard amidst the carousal cries of birds on tree tops settling in for the roost. Warm aromas of spices fill the air indicative of many a hearth working their way.

Truth is, life's greatest gifts are evidently for the picking, elementary and free! And to experience them in abundant measure - blessed to be blissful! 

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