Friday, January 06, 2012

Dusting into Time

A few days ago, I was leafing through some blogs that were, once upon a time, very active and current. Over time, however, I notice many of them have remained 'unfed' or worse - discontinued.

And I wonder, what is it that makes people abandon something that they have been so passionate about. Is is the lack of time? But when one embarks upon a journey of passion, one certainly takes the effort to make space and time to further that activity. It is perhaps a feeling of loss of thought or block that comes with time? Or, for some, was it really something that was chanced upon merely by accident only to notice and understand later that the 'once-upon-a-time-cool-thing' isn't cool anymore? Now, how uncool can that be?

Whatever the reason, it ain't a very pleasant sight to see a lot of dead blogs floating around! 

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