Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Tale of U

I measure about a 176 cms skywards. U, close to about two-thirds of that, with a steely blue, somber and strong build wielded imposing construct.

It was not chance that brought us together, but necessity. Going by the call-signs; spear or spike, U lived up the description, apt and fiercely loyal, protecting me from unpredictable ire, that even some of the most sophisticated forms of electronic intelligence, i use, were unprepared to counter.

One dark, wet, evening, last year, i went looking for purpose; a journey that would eventually take me to U and fulfill my quest for security, comfort and preparedness which my world demanded - a world that was increasingly turning unkind, hostile and unremitting, for most part of time.

U was perfect and much more; a head-turner and lifelike, many an onlooker paused to glance at this outsized figure whose sole duty was to protect the master. Between us, we had forged a camaraderie, a sort of a bond that permitted each to communicate with one another at will, without the burdensome semantics of language.

This past Saturday, all of that came to an abrupt end. Out to attend a meeting, at a hideously unfamiliar part of Mumbai, U and i became separated. A feeling of remorse overwhelmed me as i tasted bile in my mouth, unable to comprehend the happening. Sick and disgusted at my callousness, i became immediately aware of the danger that now surrounded me, vulnerable as i was. My world had changed - forever, it seemed!

As if on cue, the moment i had feared and loathed, came to be.

Ominously dark and sinister clouds, hanging in wait, like sleeper cells of terrorists waiting to perpetuate war, let go of a torrent of deluge that struck me. Alas, there was no mercy! The very mortifying infidel that U had kept me from, now found me an easy picking and attacked with spitefully relentless might.

Vanquished, in pride and spirit, i headed home a forlorn being. But even in trounce are lessons to learn. And, as i returned wiser, i thought of U, my umbrella, the generous being that had unconditionally protected me from an increasingly hostile Mumbai monsoon.

An Update:

On 14 August, U, my beloved umbrella, was returned to me. I can consider being among those privileged few who is now reunited with my 'adored.' It turned out that i had left U at a colleague's residence and returned quite absent minded.

The supreme realization of true love is that you set free the object of your affection and upon its return, if it does ever, know that you were meant to be together. U and i are a fitting example!

Now, the incredulous rains of Mumbai have much to fear as U is back on my side, looking after me, every moment i am out in the open. I feel powerful as ever and sometimes, in pride, mock those hapless clouds and their arsenal of water-drops that connive among themselves to launch a scathing strike, only to be met with a God-like phalanx; to be defeated and condemned to be collected in puddles and pools that will eventually be desiccated - miserably!

All thanks to U, my umbrella! :-)


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    1. Thank you very much, Sir. So glad that you liked it. Also, very happy to inform you that U and i have been reunited. I've posted an updated a short while ago! :-)

  2. Is someone stealing even umbrellas or you missed it? I have one foldable umbrella which becomes so tiny that I can put it in my front pouch and drive. It's extremely portable and comfortable to handle - except when it rains. Yeah, that small thing lets a lot of water to fall on me! :D

    Destination Infinity

    1. This time around, i misplaced it, DI. And i'm happy that i did so at a colleague's place. U and i are now reunited :-)

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    1. Thank you so much, Ali. So glad you liked it. Btw, U and i are now reunited! :-)

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    1. Thank you very much, Sir. Happy to inform you that U and i have been reunited.

  5. Wow! Only you could write such... brilliant account on a bad state. Great tribute to umbrella, Rakesh! Realization happens always when we miss something, I love rain and can’t admire when it downfall abundantly.

    1. Thank you so much, Jeevan. So happy you liked it. Honestly, i don't quite like the rains. I permit myself to enjoy them while i'm indoors and unaffected. That's it!

      Also, am very happy to tell you that U and i have been reunited!

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    1. Thank you so much, Krishna. Glad you liked it.

      And, happy to inform you that U and i have been reunited. I've posted an update.

  7. Rakesh, you gave life to the umbrella and I think nobody else could have done better. I can't help saying 'Wow!'

  8. Rakesh, you gave life to the umbrella and I I think no one else could have done it better. I can't help saying 'Wow!'

    1. Thank you so very much, Saji ettan. I'm very happy that you liked it. Am sure you'd be happier to know that U and i have been reunited. I've posted an update a short while ago.

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    1. :-)

      Thank you so much, Ashok!

      Happy to tell you that U and i have been reunited.

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    1. Thank you so much, Issam :-)

      And, guess what? Just as you wished - U and i have been reunited :-)

      Boy, am i not happier for the rains have scampered away into hiding, fearful of the powerful being that i carry with me! :D

  11. Hi Rakesh! Hope you are having a superb monsoon summer;)
    Sorry for the absence, but 2013 has been even worse than 2012... Anyhow, enjoy the blues of Grenada, and have a great vacation, if you can manage!!
    All the best!

    1. Hello Gil, so good to hear from you and glad to know that Trotter is on a roll :-)

      Things have been quite well on this side of the coast, with the rains now coming to an end...... hopefully soon :-)

      Thank you for the invitation to Grenada. I can't wait! Do take good care and keep them coming, please.

  12. oh so nice to find something you thought you lost! and good timing too, stay dry!!

  13. The best part is you found it back.. :)
    Nice one..