Tuesday, January 23, 2018

With Winter Gone

The notion of normality or the purpose to seek normalcy is perhaps the biggest undoing of our lives. It is a hideous fallacy. Nothing is normal. There is no state of normalcy. Normalcy can at best be defined as a state of inertia or inertness - 'as having no inherent power of action, motion, or resistance.' Normalcy is also perhaps indicative of the only kind of certainty there is - that of mortality.

In truth, there is only change, the transcendental, the evolutionary. The human mind, linear, and morbidly fearful that it is, refuses to accept this ultimate truth. It goes as far as even rejecting it and drumming down all notions that contradict the acceptable. Not surprising then to see how people, collectives, and organizations spend a lifetime defining structures, systems, and processes in a quest to attain a normal state of being. Our institutions and social systems are built on this premise - contrived by linear beliefs and ignorant or disregarding of contrast. Consequently, so much of life is unseen, unknown, and unexplored. Worse, life is oft lived in a state of not being able to deal with life itself!

The intricacies of our lives are aplenty. They come in all forms and dimensions - overt, subtle, or unseen. But, they are there nevertheless. We don't see it, though, for we are consumed in defining our lives in the paradigm of what is normal and acceptable. In keeping with the need to exact purpose, form, and structure, we are caught in a compulsion to see and define things as being absolute, normal, and complete, as a means, as the ultimate.

The truth couldn't be further from this. The truth is that life is dynamic, as momentary as the clouds in the sky, and as formless as the river that runs its course.


  1. Very true! Take away this compulsive need to be normal (often linked to cultural shackles) and people would surprise themselves with how much more there is to life and how much more they are capable of achieving.

  2. Perhaps it is our instinct to view normalcy and change in the same vein - that both are the same. In our quest to see everything, perhaps, we might one day realize it's all the same everywhere. Maybe one section of the mind knows this in advance?

    Destination Infinity

  3. Impermanence is the norm in which some people will never grasp seeing they're living in a small box.

  4. Normalcy is what the society deems fit for community living. It has never been understood as something static and like society and its culture, it is consistently changing.