Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A tounge called Diplomacy

Easily one of the most stickiest subjects that I have written on, diplomacy is certainly an art that one needs to practise despite all odds. For this is a language which has not certain set script, dialect or standard and yet elicits some of the most favourable responses from any person.

The world as we know it is a place which talks largely about the fact that one needs to be concise, candid and very direct in one's communication. However, this largely talked about fact only remains as one that is usually at best talked about and not acted upon or practised rather.
Which brings me to perhaps one of the most simple of facts which yet remains to be understood in its fullest context. No person ever would like a straight faced answer. There is no directness in any person whosoever. No matter what, you get socked despite having done a good job, for the matter of having spoken your heart out in trying to rectify an issue.
Then, here, the issue itself stands disregarded and least important in stark comparison to the manner in which one chose to express oneself even if it were packaged in a very professional manner which most people would appreciate it as!

But then, why would someone still reflect negatively despite the fact that, it is the issue that is being pointed out upon and being requested to be corrected in the most convenient manner which is to add to the common good. The reason, Cheap Ego combined with a sense of superiority coupled with the attitute of being 'God's gift to mankind.'
However, do we still rule out the possibility of perception? No in the most emphatic form is the answer. I as a person, do not at any time follow the thumb rule of diplomacy which is a sure receipe to land me into a lot of trouble despite my intentions of not ever courting controversy!
So what do I do then? The answer is fairly simple.
With the exception of personal life (read: excepting those folks whom I have know for eons) I must at all times maintain the veil of diplomacy despite the fact that I might not always subscribe to the idea that is being put forward.
Diplomacy is perhaps the greatest of all people skills and it does not come with ease, not atleast to most of us who are used to the idea of being outspoken (read: perceptional - brash, In Truth: Real & True)
But let me warn you ( the same bunch of us) that if we do not adopt to this superbly multifaceted talent, then we run the risk of being sidelined, cast away, ganged against, brushed, branded and what not. In truth, the only (few) people who know you the best are those who have been with you through the best and worst of times alike. It is very foolish to think one can cultivate a hoard of good 'contacts' (translate: friends). The very objective of people converging on a professional front is due to the necessity of fulfilling a purely self-focussed (do not read selfish) objective which does not permit the luxury (read: maturity) of actually knowing what the other person is. Added to the unlimited list of constraints is also the limitation of time and factor of openness and understanding, which make things worse.

Therefore, the golden rule of maintaining a professional front always and all ways professional without ever bringing the factor of 'personal aspects' is something that we need to uphold at all times. We do not at anytime have the right to display even in accident our personal fold on a professional front for such an act could only constitute to a huge disaster or worse still a domino effect of unimaginable proportions.

Moral of the story;
Diplomacy - personally adopted professional trait (read: innate/acquired/copied - whatever)

U n I better get started!

PS: But then, hasn't a man got to be a man?

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