Monday, July 31, 2006

A journey called life!

I walk through the darkness, confused and confounded
my mind is full of anxiety and distress.

I seek the light that shall bring with it promises,
I wait for the moment, that shall change it all,
but then as I get the answer,
it sounds stranger than fiction,
for what I seek is not always what I get.

I know not, what comes next,
sometimes some questions are better without answers
and some answers are better left not asked for

And amidst the vast confusion that prevails,
there seems no beginning and not an end,
and yet I go on through the only way I know.

Stop, I dare not, since an outcast, I do not want to be,
for this is one journey, where the journey matters more
much less the destiny!


  1. Hello Rakesh

    Thank u for the comments on "Stillness in the Whirlwind".

    Just went through ur blog writings.. and this one caught my eye... coz the first blog entry I wrote was on 'The Rhyme of Life' which is the title of my blog now..

    Do read it... seems very similar..


  2. Hi Priyanka

    Thanks for visiting and leaving me your comments!

    This perhaps is the only random lines of peotic thought that I have etched so far!

    I will visit your space and check the first post!

    Thanks & Warm Regards