Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Anatomy of Courage

What it really is, why we need and when

Courage certainly has very little to do with the way a person looks or appears to be. It truly is a frame of mind and thus something that has to come from within. It is perhaps the one thing that most of us need badly and yet falter to possess at the right moment.It's not about blood and guts or being funky gutsy for the feel or kick of it. On the other hand, It is more to do with the kind of people we are deep within.

It is an extraordinary capability to be courageous at the right moment, for it shapes our personality in a manner that is unique, tough and yet mannered.
Maybe the biggest problem with most of us lies in assuming that we already have in us limitless amounts of this splendid quality.
Worse still, we do not actually know what the very fundamental of that word really means.
cannot really define courage but let me tell you that at a time when the world said that I was wrong and I knew otherwise, I reflected strength and gained more of it with every passing moment. That indeed is courage.
Courage is when you know that you are right deep down despite teething opposition, it is when you trust yourself even when others refuse to lend you a helping hand, it is when you have that something in you which makes you absolutely certain that you can.
It is when you have an air of confidence that is undisputable.

There is an old axiom that reads thus, "The worst things in life are intended to make you better and not bitter." To me it is a way of life.
You don't have to be bold and baring fangs to prove that you have courage. True courage is from within, when you know yourself all the more better.
Time will certainly dish out instances that test our mettle and I'd say that's how I got that cheeky li'l stuff deep down into my system. It's about the way we handle things, see things and reason them. It's about the unflinching faith I have in me that tells me "This too shall pass."
And quickly commit myself to believe that "The worse is yet to come!"
In the end, I emerge the victor, despite no battle being fought ever!
But then life is always a battle, of survival, even if we don't really acknowledge it. And that fuel that passionately drives me forward without risking a loss of faith in my own self is nothing but Courage.
It certainly holds good value to me since that's what makes me the person I am.
A fighter that I am, there is nothing that can stop me from being me or getting to what I want.........thanks to that thing in me what I call courage.
So much for still waters and the calm man.

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