Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Looking back, for a reason

It's a great feeling to be reunited with someone or something or anything that has long been considered lost.
I've always loved that moment of accidentally stumbling upon that long lost email / postal address or contact number that for years had been safely tucked away in a ragged diary.
Even more exciting is to receive a response from that supposedly non-exsitent contact.
What is it that wants us to go back in time?
I'm not sure I have an answer, but it certainly is a feeling of truly unparalleled excitement when I find a long lost buddy or chancing upon a long forgotten incident from the pages of a very old logbook.

And as I sit glued to the chair, zipping away 'hi-hello' e-mails on my computer, I can't help but think about those times when life looked free from all the evident and resident evils.
I believe that a person's past shapes his future, his everything indeed and that the more one looks forward, the more it is that one cherishes the time bygone.
It is argued often, and baselessly, that life is nothing more than a journey which, much like everything else has a beginning and a definitive end.
But then, strangely enough, that's not all, for if life was a mere journey, why would we do so much more than just travel?

A journey it is, beyond doubt, but with a great deal of difference, for it is here that we begin to know what we are, what we can be and what we need to be, three seemingly similar approaches, each of which in truth is hugely variable from the other.
Such is the phenomenal degree of change during this journey that all of us almost certainly undergo a transformation paved by way of experience and knowledge.
At this overwhelming juncture of a confluence of a gazillion powerful thoughts, I cannot but help recollect a truly inspiring and perhaps an equally intriguing adage that goes thus;

"There is a time in life when you have all the time to sleep and yet you don't,
and then there comes a time when you'd love so much to spend the time sleeping but unfortunately there seems to be no time................,
and then there comes a time when you have all the time and you want to sleep but alas! you don't feel sleepy."

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