Monday, August 07, 2006

Finding Neverland

The never-ending quest for bettering the best and still feeling incomplete is actually a sense of ambition deeply imbibed in the metaphyche of the human mind (not to be confused as an attribute of the soul). Such a quest in my life is what I've termed as Finding Neverland.
The reason I call it so is not because of the possible fact that there could be / is a place of such a kind, but because there actually is none at all.
Neverland, as much as the name suggests, is probably one that does not exist in reality (I have not however ruled out the possibility of the Other Dimensions). However much so, Neverland can be reached. It probably is a state of mind for some while being a phase of life for some others. But for me, it simply does not exist.

Why? My alter-ego, which is as much as a person that I am (in many different opposite ways though) does not actually permit me to reach neverland although I'm sure if there was a place so, it would perhaps be as good as heaven itself. Such is life that while the heart actually advises you to address the basics of life and keep them strong, the mind urges and later commands you to embark upon a journey which is long, ardous, meaningless, robbed of time and a great deal of unwanted effort! But then, sustainence is a key aspect to all our lives and one needs to always build a strong footing on which life can be well-balanced rather than make it hang in there in a very precarious and awkward manner. Therefore, addressing the calls of the mind and the body are extremely important and must be conducted in a very well orchestrated manner to avoid the risk of running amuck.

So there comes the element of perfection (something that I have been talking about from time to time), the single most notable anomaly in the matrix of human programming. Perfection is in itself reserved as a prerogative of the Gods, an act / state which cannot be gained by the Human Kind at all since the code was never incepted into the programming in the first place let alone the prospect of combining artificial intelligence into robotics. I however am not denying that AI and Robotics will not take the world onto a different level. Remember Kawasaki in 1985 ? The Tech World was slammered with tonnes and tonnes of everything but affirmative conviction! I recall arguing widly with my cousin Vikas who stepped up his salvo committing that the Human genome and its superbly written code could never be implanted into anything other than Human. But how sure of this can we ever be? Could we not develop a mechanism that could eventually circumvent the power of creation and rectify the long hated presence of the anomaly in the code? Think I'm talking straight out of a CIA Delta document? Think again.
It is fairly easy to fathom a world apart from that that we know and live in. Going by the very simple logic that we might not (always) be the only ones inhabiting the universe, this probability
seems more of reality than Science Fiction from the pages penned by Issac Assimov.
Then would surface a question as to why we have not discovered life forms outside of our realm of living. Two answers to that. Do we ever know how far and wide-stretched the universe is?
Or better still, do you and I have any access to that which is already known to a handful?
Whatever the question, the answer is an emphatic No.

Thereafer, the concept of Neverland may and most possibly will exist in another dimension unknown to the simpleness of the human mind despite its superbly unimaginable and unknown proportions. And no matter how much folks such as me would in one form or the other refuse to believe the concept of Neverland, we know and acknowledge somewhere deep down in our fickle minds the very existence of something that we choose to deny so verciforesly!
Stupidity, escapism, lack of a sense of equilibrium to understand that the element of human does not actually form anything that is supposedly the most important constituent of the universe or perhaps ambition clogging the minds signal of reality leading it to believe that Finding Neverland would in all possible ways lead to a sense of complacency that would put the mental evolution to a complete standstill thereby throwing us into the darkest ages of life ever.
Imagine, every single Human being on Earth were to find neverland, we would live perhaps in a state of perpetual bliss and off guard at all times converging to perhaps Humankind's greatest defining moments ever, something that could lead to our extinction en masse!

Are you going to ever pause for once and think why?

Subjectively and progressively the most vicious of intended 'cyclops' in the entire code, why must I not believe that we are being created and destroyed and created and destroyed over and over again ? For you to better understand what I am proposing to illustrate, let me take you through an eposide of evolutronics that I once chanced upon while watching the Discovery Channel.
25000 years later...................................The Earth is a barren planet with no evidence of life on the crust. The Scorching Sun has ensured that all living creations come to a grinding halt on the surface. With temperatures running upto 200 degrees centigrade on the higher side, and an excruciating lower side of -400 degrees, any and all living molecules would cease to exist.
But evolution seems to have found a way to guard its purpose despite the most hostile of conditions. Deep below the surface an army mills through semi wet colonies burrowing deeper inside. These life forms are superble adapted to living below the surface and would not ever require to venture into the open at any time whatsoever.
Sinister that it may seem, these twelve legged creatures have remarkably perfected levels of intelligence. They seem to be spending a large part of their 180 hour long day growing colonies - colonies of the last living mammals in order to help them retain their primary staple diet!

Can you then imagine the fate of human beings? Finding Neverland seems to have been a long past dream that may have once come true but no longer holds relevant

Threatended by shadows in the nights, and exposed in the light!


Finding Neverland is a an amazingly well cast tale of magic & fantasy inspired by the life of James Barrie, the real-life author of the well acclaimed children's classic - Peter Pan.
Set in London in 1904, the film is a fictional account of Barrie's creative journey to bring Peter Pan to life. The starcast includes Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Dustin Hoffman & Julie Christie.
I have in no way attempted to discredit this wonderful work of art, however, I have via this post attempted to convey a distinctive message of relativity combined with imagined variations of life and some consequences that may result thereof.
This post is a figment of my imagination and thanks to Discovery Channel for their wonderful portrayal of The Future of this planet!

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