Saturday, January 26, 2008

Defining Constantine

Into the darkness, stepped someone called Prince Akhamir Nevzerov, into a world called Second Life 2.
A world that was sensitized into being a conditional fraction of what is the realm of the truth and a dimension called the unknown, there was a warning sign not to taunt the Devil for the creation of the Key Maker was that the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle not be disturbed until oblivion came calling.
Oblivion therefore was a true state of not being able to be controlled as much as the reflections and refractory laws of physics and the absolution demanded.
The same story of Anakin Skywalker which demanded that the world would not be touched by the intricacies of the trade federation that posed a serious yet ignoble threat to the peace of the world!
The twin Suns rose over the horizon and held the laws of physics until Sirius came calling for more light!
Time lines are undefined and all possibilities turned into absolute values of physics!
Then somewhere time turned its path and the lines were written and Constantine quipped to the knower "So you think you can tell, heaven from hell?" The answer was obviously an emphatic no.
But into the hues of green and blue, a voice carried by the updraft of the wind commanded unification of the self with the ongoing edifices of the built in world. The Matrix was something of the past and Constantine walked a lone path, a path unknown and undefined yet into the meaning of time!
The return of the Jedi and the Senator blocking the absolute value of time extracted much of information which was beyond computation of the world's fastest computer despite its calculable abilities in teraflops or even a value that was beyond computation. Helizons (future versions of the exiting helicopters) flew into a realm scanning all potential extra-sensory threats to the so-called world, a world that we human beings know as "Earth"
The burden of carrying a trust was one like never before, so Constantine being the most constant in his definition of moral and absolute values set apart himself and wished that no one associated with him for the reason that he having seen that "unknown realm" not scare the mortal aptitude of human kind.
Therefore the world changed with the theories that existed and sadly people made a mask of all that they could and not see or say! For good reason that is, had this not been done, the bearers of all the truth would have been accidentally stepped upon and graded by the machine as the anomalies in the being!
So he chose a lonely yet fulfilled path to seek knowledge and gained a share more than he actually wished for!
Its for good reason that they say "Ignorance is bliss!"
With attention mounting every which way he walked, he began to question the relativity of time in a manner never done before.
It was a known fact that (51) gravitational inputs could not be changed and redefined as the world would not have wanted it to be. Flight 417 was never an option for the shooting star.
Presently Metallica said "My friend of Misery" and "Nothing else matters" in the same echo that Amy Lee sang "Wake me up inside"
While this was a case of mistaken identity, it was also a burden of proof that was constantly demanded from the passage of time and the Legend of the Chimera came all too clear into the input of the intelligent system as if the force was being guided by an unknown foot soldier being burdened to carry a secret more sinister than the company and cousins already knew.
Wars were inevitable for different causes as they could not be plotted to unnerve the fact that superior domination was the need of the hour.
However, make no mistake, this was not the carnival of rust, and lust for all good reasons was killed as Enigma overplayed the burdened soul's request that MEA CULPA was a primeval mistake and one that need not be bothered about.
Reverse physics then questioned the inputs from the mirror and the eye of the Tiger was all that mattered.
Terrorism and crime plagued the nation and the people and were adopted for unknown and unseen means.
Crime in all forms is crime and cannot and should not be glorified but must be condemned as per the futuristic input of the Minority Report!
The prism brought about the Dark Side of the Moon and still people failed to realize that this was a mere statement and not to be taken seriously as much as it did not warrant itself to be remarked in as a random thought that came before the action.
Constantine remembered that "Speaking before the mind, posed a danger of its own kind since the formation of words demanded a pattern that was orderly and not chaotic."
All said and done, things were looking super kewl prima facie and Neo refused to submit himself to the machine, no matter what the need, want or reason.
India, in all its crowned glory celebrated its 59th Anniversary of being a republic!
Par le Vou Francais? Did I hear someone say?
The future is always brighter that what we assume it to be.............and it will come soon.
So fear was extinguished as much as the need for life needed to continue!
Folks, the role of Constantine is ongoing and will never change even if the greatest force would converge!

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