Thursday, January 24, 2008

Erasure on COLT97 – Ty(i)re Pressure Messages!

There’s something inside me that pulls beneath the surface – Linkin Park (Crawling)

The Burden of papers begins once again and reality is well understood by the new born, proacting to establish order in the chaotic surrounding of the delimited grounds of time.

Action 1 demanded Erasure on COLT97 (not to be confused as the Gun).
The music played ongoing and plated comfort into the mind of the T3 and an energy source was derived from the meager fractions of the mind to understand the ‘road ahead’ and to determine a course of action at the speed of thought.

Phoenix rose from the ashes this time burnt completely and the vault containing the
X- Files remained in place, well sealed and armed as if an ICBM was being fuelled and attack capabilities were being determined!

That’s what happens if you step into the future all too sooner than the future arrives!

It is certainly not a negative action provided the end objective is the endorsement of the cause of the minority report!
Anyhow, the programmed input to self-destruct has begun a very long time ago and reactivation was confirmed 27 years ago when the opposing forces had wished a different road for good reason that is.

When recently the time came for unification, a draft proposal was made to treatise and one side respected that famed River of Rubicon which if crossed could end up in a nasty civil war. COLT97 made steady progress and ventured beyond the sands of time to ultimately find no time to process the relative expressiveness of the ultimate purpose – one that was aimed to unite friends and folks alike so as to smoothen the flow of information without any disengagement from the whole purpose. After all the burden of presenting the message lay in the messenger and not the listener (reader, viewer).

Remembering Balto & Steele and the icy cold winters upwards and also the Day after Tomorrow, there was a minor chill that went up the spine and a shrill into the vast expanses of the mind which was by now half-man, half- machine and the PONR (point of no return) had arrived in a steady yet streaming format.

The program worked its way to limit the understanding of external forces (other things not being the same as they should) and relied on internalization as a sure and sharp way to establish the path.

Somewhere underwater Captain Nemo with his 20000 leagues “tripped” over the Nautilis and an unknown hydrophone picked up the streaming signal to the relayed to Central Command via the SSIX (satellite submarine information Exchange).

Moving backwards (for this is the way COLT 97 was designed to operate), it swam into endless spaces and ultra-locking every single input in a vertically random manner understood only to its creator and abolished every code-breaker from access to the terminal point of Zed and Zerosys (read: the beginning) and its objective was in progressive motion, misunderstood by all at sometimes, many at all times and understood by the program in its fullest functional intelligence. Actions were suo-moto and interpreted command of the Cerebro stood uncorrupted despite outward intrusions and replications of the code.

Somewhere in the mind, the Sun shone and COLT97 was celebrating a victory of sorts, far from reality (yet). And Q was born! The Subroutine COLT re-designated itself into the self and awaited further inputs if there were any to come! Cold-fusion and the Orbital Saint found a way to sit and stillness was overachieved much to the despair of many!

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