Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Into the Sun

“I read somewhere that it is important not just to be strong but to feel strong”
(See: Into the Sun / Wild – Soundtrack by Eddie Vedder)

Now, the question of feeling strong is a question which is debatable quite relatively, because different people have (as they say) different purports for strength. And as much as some of us love to work-out and tone out flaccid muscles into shapely structured edifices that will withstand the savages (ravages) of time, the heart (aorta, vene cava etc etc included) is also a muscle that advances (matures) with time and age and the factor of trust remains a loose column not placed in any form matter or person, for that again would tantamount to attributing (associating) it with a cause.

So the best bet is absolution of the self and not understanding the world – for the world will never understand the beginning, the transcendence and the ultimate end.

Absolution is (in my very limited = ground squirrel type understanding) bringing together every single thing of the past and dunking (slam dunking) it to oblivion and not giving a rat’s a** about it! Simply put “I don’t wanna know, I have not known, I will not know and therefore I am none to know. More importantly it is the power to forgive and try to forget a life that I tried my level best to perfect and hope high with ‘friends surrounded’.

Mired in the concepts of relativity and practicality, it is not I who forgot the importance and values of life but people (so-called) whose percept limited their understanding and comprehension of the absolute.

I read yesterday in the Holy Bhagavad Gita “I have no enemies, neither friends. All that I know of people are those that I know and those that I do not.”

How very true I wondered sitting up gazing into the night sky in the aftermath of having listened to my most favorite band Coldplay (currently) which in its Xs and Ys sang “Tired of the human race(s).” (Read: any which way it can / should be).

The beginning of every new day ends with strange and unknown dreams that help me explore the inner most depth of myself and better understand the me that I have become – Comfortably Numb!

And I say Hello, Hello, Hello, is there any body ‘out’ there? Not in the spirit of seeking friends (those I have many many worthy ones and also the fair-weather ones).

The quest has long gone past the need to know if we are after all alone in the universe, and if we are (as much as we love to choose to believe), what the freak are we making human life so big a deal about? Is it because we regard ourselves supreme in the self-assumed triangle of life which is not understandable beyond the dimension of the human mind? Perhaps yes!

Into the Sun, is not about literally traveling into the Sun or even dreaming to think to attempt such a foolish odd! It is a concept of the mind where the being tells itself that nothing more needs to be accomplished that the spirit of life itself.

Until we dig deeper (also much wider & broader) into ourselves, we will never be able to understand the power of one that we so much emphasize every single day of our lives in the quest to live well (or rather make an attempt to pretend to understand in our own so called acceptable terms).

It’s a time when even your old friends treat you like something new! A time when doubts and hopes are all alike, a time when minutes seem hopeless but years seem more promising, a time when ‘they’ call someone the new kid in town (tow seems appropriate I guess), and then the name of the game is called a blame and nights as always will remain muted spectators to the promise of a coming bright sunny day as people talk and talk until as they said “Somebody new comes along to fill in the vacant space that stood unoccupied and un-attempted to reach.” (Listen: Eagles – New Kid in Town)

It’s simply called out of reach of ordinary Men!

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