Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Eighth Dimension – The World of the Ockton

It’s a world, like never before! The Being of the Human is reduced to just another life form maintaining ‘status quo’ as a lesser intelligent organism. Perhaps reason enough to be oppositely considered as ‘intelligible’ as the widest perceptions that can be etched into the sands of time to prove, reverse-prove, automate, improvise and function in random thoughts as and when they are converted into the potential of actions that cannot be rolled back or disjointed as is wanted, well being opposed to the principalities of needs thereby demarcating either in meaning, fact, facades and ultimately the reality itself. But in true reality, battle lines had been drawn and the purpose was to ensure that not a single shot was fired.

But the year is not 2008! Eons have hazily and sometimes dreading(ly) passed ahead to bring life into the next dimension. Humanity is a long gone concept and the Earth as we know it today is not the one that exists to support and sustain lives. Or does life exist?

Envisioning the possible (optimistically real) thought that life does exist, hostile conditions prevail like never before. Experience of horror and the unknown prevail in an extremely heightened state and the concept of being watched to be watched to be watched to be watched at time into infinity bothers those that exist in that realm!

Then there is a jingle in the pocket and a jingle in the head to hear the sound of the distant drumming while the mind was trying to remember the faces and wondering if they belonged to anyone (anything) at all. Then the wheel was re-discovered (far from being invented) and it spun into thoughts and after-thoughts woven horrendously close to the alternate of the Devil to be called the Eighth Dimension.

The concept of time, now long having passed unknown and unsaid, the quest remained although broken and tired – but certainly not lost.

Suddenly the lamb opened the Seventh Seal and silence which had by now become not just golden but also seldom misquoted, hovered over the sky and the voice consulted the Key-Maker to shape the perfect entrée. Darkness was thick in black interwoven with the maliciously cold winds that blew at random. Somewhere over the horizon Commander Anakin Skywalker stood lost in thought and unable to translate what he saw and attempted to further in sight. With no Jedi knight present to guide him into what the real purpose was and he wondered alone. Presently he saw the rising of two Suns and in an instant the cold barren land beneath him spurned in the reception of the tremendous heat. The Sun that shone on Earth long ago had long gone into roost become a solid state of unknown matter where Helium and Hydrogen no longer converged. Still lost in thought he wondered, an afterthought passed him suggesting him to make a secret pact with the Devil. Having constantly revitalized his commitment and holding his individual and conscience within himself he reflected in contemplation and rejected that afterthought as immediately as it had seeded into his mind.

And he remembered John Constantine and the perils of a voyage he had committed to undertake in service of a realm that needed the presence to be felt much more than it had to be seen. On the other hand the machines were closing in and he remembered the sword that had dispelled the attack of the clones and the Dark side of Camelot which King Arthur once silenced using the Excalibur. The Oracle had tall promises of a coming time when life would be protected and the aggressor would be overcome, but that was far from now and a lot needed to be done.

So conjoining the forces, the Commander decided to have a say in the Trade Federation of Naboo paving a new way for co-existence and said to himself “There’s no point in living if you can’t feel the life (light).”
But the Senate was as always wily and cunning in its wanton for power and lusted for more than it could ever possibly amass in a hundred light years.

Ockton came as a dream and told the young warrior to visit far away places and understand the meaning of the real purpose of life.
And then the memories came flooding all along, the dreams, the fears, the anxieties, the contempt and all the metaphors that can be stretched to extreme to describe the negative forces.

He unquestioningly wanted to enter the eighth dimension for after having found the sparrow it was the spirit of the land that the commanded to stand in unity and respect the disparities which had by now become superfluous burdens and so called legacies of evolution.
Crossing into the dimension required a tremendous amount of courage and belief in the Self. Absolution was now a thing of the past and accomplished long long ago.

By now the Key-Maker had shaped with sharpest dexterity and utmost precision the input that was demanded for this marathon task. Still with doubt and fear the chosen one moved along with the forces of will and courage and unlocked the Eighth Dimension!

For a moment, there was stillness like never ever before. It was as if everything had stopped. For the young warrior, the feeling was one of having committed a terrible mistake that would let loose a catastrophe whose magnitude was unfathomable. But it was the lack of belief in his own prowess that the One felt so pessimistic while at this much called for time of exaltation.

And then much as the Oracle had so overwhelmingly professed, darkness parted to the powerful yet soothing rays of the Bright Stars! After what seemed a gazillion light years, there was the wide open blue sky that heralded the promise of the Eons to come. Time had in an instant revisited and taken a paramount place in life. They were all there, having served their mortal purpose they now asked for total absolution (read: Liberty) and move on without any burden to pass. For the chosen few, there was a great gig in the sky and universal time coordinates were revealed. For the others, fiction and fallacy remained prime, and their refusal to believe was programmed so as to ensure the continuance of another circle, one that heralded hope not despair, one that called for peace and not war, one that called for unity and singularity in the very same spirit that an realistic optimist would look at a half filled glass of water.

The force had converged to become One, Eon or Neo (read equal) but among equals, there was one who demanded for more and it was rightly given to him.

While fame for some is being well known, for some others, it lies in never being known at all


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