Friday, September 26, 2008

Until now!

It has been quite sometime since I have written about how my life is headed. My stay in Pune is now six months and a few days old and I feel youthful and energetic considering that my personal and professional lives are on track without being marred by adverse events. My endless quest for purpose and reason continues with a great deal of introspection aimed at making myself a better person. Continuous improvement (Kaizen) is by all means the best method to help one shape a better perspective leading to a rewarding life.

Quite strangely, I find myself more at ease and less ambitious. I find contentment in elementary things. Watching the Sunset, the birds in the sky, people milling around in the evenings and the endless contour of sometimes unruly traffic excite me more than ever before. Having relaxed ambition for a bit, I feel the pleasure of living a quiet yet fulfilling life the purpose of which primarily lies in understanding oneself and connecting to the cosmic space and the Supreme. All else is relative! Is it not?

True happiness springs from within, without the assistance of an external accessory.
Hence, I consciously strive not to entangle myself in a web of wants and needs, which I am sure will be realized with the passage of time. I am however not sure if I see my current state of being as one of bliss or numbness.

My desire to travel is more than ever and wish for a job that entitles me to do so. After all, people and culture are sources of immense enrichment and pleasure. I'd like to be Lao Tzu's good traveller who has no fixed plan and is not intent on arriving!

My connection with the Creator is firm and beyond a fair share of tests. I know not still if he exists or otherwise and honestly, I am not plagued by the thought. I know that my faith has instilled in my wild being, a sense of discipline like never before and am glad at reaffirming the thought of being an old-school product! I have long known that life has no text-book way of being lived out. Bertrand Russell once said "There are so many new mistakes that one can make, repeating the same ones is not worth." Although, my life is no comedy of errors, I refrain from sulking in the event of having made a mistake. And during tough times, I loudly remind myself that "This too shall pass."

My endeavour is to certainly progress in life and be better than what I already am, I am after all a servant of capitalism and will to some extent remain connected with the selfish theme of recompense, however, the difference is that I remain firmly grounded and connected to reality at all times without losing focus of who I have been 'Until now.'

I want to thank all of you who visit my blog and make me feel worthy of my creation. There is a great deal of inspiration and encouragement that I derive from you and your posts. Life has been and will continue to be a great theater of learning.

On a footnote, I want you to please spend sometime reading the article via the following link which has reiterated my faith in persistence, education, empowerment and most importantly, the zeal to better oneself with a strong positive attitude!

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  2. hey nice posts you have out there!
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  3. Shwetz

    Thanks very much! Appreciate your comment.

    hope you are doing well.



  4. Hi Rak:

    This is a wonderful, true at heart post..

    Men of your character and poise are a rarity these days, Thanks to Sri Tanmaya who introduced you to me...

    Keep up!!

  5. Ma'am

    Thanks very much for your very appreciating comment!

    In fact, it is you who I have to thank you for introducing me to writing. I owe a great deal to you for having shaped my writing skills.

    You will always be an inspiration par excellence.

    Thanks very much


  6. hey rakesh,

    As you said about needs and wants..just wanted to say that we can stick to our needs...but want is something that we can be away from...

    The thing is we as human being take the needs for granted...and always strive for wants...
    only to understand later that true happiness comes to us when we satisfies with our needs..

    nice post :-)

  7. I agree Rakesh...... needs are important, more than wants..... however we lose ourselves when our wants become bigger than our needs....

    Thanks for visiting and also for your comments

  8. "There are so many new mistakes that one can make, repeating the same ones is not worth."

    I love that quote..(on a lighter note) however I keep repeating same mistakes ..
    Nice post :)

  9. Hi Rak!

    Missed to see your response earlier...

    You have it all in you, else how would you realise it?:-)

    Keep up the will follow!


  10. first time im visiting your blog.. really nice place.. you write very well.. i really dunno what to say bout ur post but i agree with you on almost ething.. im blogrolling you...

  11. Aria

    Indeed, thats one of my favourite quote too! And how doesnt keep repeating the same mistakes? We have to be divine not to!


  12. Devika Ma'am

    Thanks once again! As always, you have been a wonderful source of inspiration.

    Do keep me in your prayers.



  13. ♪♪HARINI♪♪

    Thanks for visiting my blogspace and also posting your very appreciating comment.

    Do keep coming....

    And also, thanks very much for blog rolling me!



  14. Rakesh my dear u r blessed to be able to start of the journey of exploration. Wish u loads of excitement and satisfaction in it....

  15. Chirag, Thanks ever so much for visiting and most importantly for your comment and wishes!

    The journey so far has been rocky but one that has given me tremendous experience and courage!



  16. Hi Rakesh,
    Nice profound thoughts.
    Went through the article. I am keen to read more about Bachpan Bachao Andolan, since I am against child labour. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  17. Hi Salil

    Thanks for visiting and also for your comment..... However, I didnt get the 'Bachpan Bachao Andolan' that you were talking about

    Kindly elucidate



  18. Salil

    My apologies! Only after responding to your comment did I realize that you were talking about the link in my post!
    Indeed, child labour is a scourge to our nation or for that matter to any! Our children have the right to good education, lifestyles and care so as to help shape themselves to become better people!

  19. best o' luck with that journey in there...

    Scribblers Inc.

  20. Hey Scribbler

    Thanks for the wishes and also for droppin by!