Friday, October 03, 2008

Nothing else matters

So close, no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
and nothing else matters

- Nothing else matters, Black, Metallica, 1991

Not a day passes without me looking at the night sky and wondering if we are really alone in this vast universe. My answer comes almost instantly and I stop to contemplate, the focus of thought being my purpose! Neither of these are easy questions to answer since there are no set ideologies upon which they are based and, worse still, they lack any proof to substantiate. I can affirm with a great deal of conviction that these questions dog our minds more than ever. The absolute truths of birth and death having long known and understood by mankind for centuries now, what remains is the causa-proxima of our existence which can better best be explained as the raison d'être (reason for being).

A few days ago, I read that the universe is at least 156 billion light-years wide, courtesy a 'measurement' done sometime in the year 2004. I wonder if we can ever imagine what it means to cross a light year let alone a 156 billion! Perhaps, that answers the big why of not being able to find life in places apart from the Earth! Simply put we are just another tiny system that has been created and placed where it is along with many many other such systems that may (certainly) exist across this colossal space.

While money, creature comforts, security, relationships and a ton of other things may take priority in our minds, metaphysically, they do not matter to the cosmic system since their importance stands nullified once the boundaries of Earth are surpassed. Why then, is it that we attach so much importance to ourselves and our never-ending list of belongings?
How important are we really as opposed to how important the system is to us?

Without wanting to drag you into a web of cosmic philosophy and metaphysics, I would urge you to mull over your thoughts as to what the purpose of us human beings is and rationalize our existence in this world to the best extent possible. It isn't a marathon task as many of us would see it to be. If you'd ask my opinion, I'd be emphatic to state that an individual purpose leads to a collective purpose to aid the system to be a better place, and us better elements. Now, how much that purpose is achieved is a matter of question, not because we cannot, but because we do not will to pursue it or perhaps attach due importance to it! And do remember, what we do or do not is only limited to the boundaries of our planet, perhaps a little more, but not very significantly outwards! We are mere human beings and look what a tapestry we make, reasons apart!

About two years ago, I posted an interesting set of pictures, here on my blog under the name Celestial Wonders. I keep visiting that post often, since it gives me a very clear idea of how small (or big, to some) we really are! I recommend you take a peek and feel the overwhelming sensation for a few moments.


There's so many different worlds
So many different suns
And we have just one world
But we live in different ones

Now the suns gone to hell
And the moons riding high
Let me bid you farewell
Every man has to die
But it’s written in the starlight
And every line on your palm
We’re fools to make war
On our brothers in arms

- Brothers in Arms, (Brothers in Arms), Dire Straits, 1985


  1. A very current thought...

    We just form a tiny particle in the wave of life that repeats its pattern for years...the particle only needs to be take the wave, humanity, forward...

    not to stop the other particle...but then does it stop, anyway...

    its a folly to believe so...

    Nice post, Rak
    see you again!

  2. its nice to contemplate these resonant truths.. and its always interesting to read the way you try to answer some of these questions which invade us off and on..

  3. Devika Ma'am

    True indeed, we form a mere particle in the entire system despite which we assert tremendous importance

    Thanks very much for visit and posting your comments as always

    Warm Regards


  4. Aria

    Thanks very much as always for visiting and posting your always-encouraging comment!

    Warm Regards


  5. brilliant!

    If only more ppl realised this...

    But it takes a super brain to u'stand such a concept...and sadly this world is full of idiots.


  6. Thanks very much Keshi!

    I'd say, it takes a simple attempt to recognize that we are merely a speck in the entire system!

    Sadly, we dont fathom more than what our ego and importance permits!


  7. true...
    great post...
    Beyond ideas ,when we all start to feel that unique experience of unity..
    When we free ourselves from thoughts and ideas..
    when we forget about every concept..
    yes then something opens
    we see the same unsame world with fresh eyes..

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  9. MIP

    Thanks very much for visit & the comment!

    Indeed, the day we cease to remain in boundaries and learn to liberate ourselves, all our constraints will stand nullified!

    I keep wondering if we are part of a larger system of life that exists!

    Cant help wondering


  10. Hey, thanks for visitng my bog, hope to see you thre more often..
    I think that it is very possible that we are just something in a huge world.. It's possible that there are many other worlds, and species and life elsewhere and possibly more advanced life, but the truth is we shall never know..Not in out lifetimes anyways.. And so I think while the rest of the universe may not conisder us to be very big or very important, this earth is all we've got so we conisder our lives everything..

    PS-Blogrolled you..

  11. Hey Trooper

    Thanks very much for visiting my space and posting your comments!

    I agree when you say that life may exist in places other than Earth and still remain unknown to us in Earth! And yes, we are too trivial to be considered anything in this super vast expanse........

    What matters is that we reconcile and come to terms with the fact that we are merely a part of a huge system rather than the system itself.

    Thanks very much for blogrolling me!



  12. Your post and the song lyric at the end really puts our existence in perspective--how incredibly foolish we are to think we are anything but brothers on this tiny speck in the universe!
    Part of the same organism, even...

  13. meta physics!! something that i've alwaysa loved. True, it doesnt come naturally to me..but yes, i like thinking about it. And metallica does it again! :)

    What you've stated is absolute truth. Truth has no direction. No goal. Truth is a goal in itself and truth is infinite. Feeling and experiencing infinity within this finite body, uncovering bliss within misery..that is what we are here for.And if u look at it, isn't that what every single one of us is trying to do? Striving for excellence. Striving to make ur own selves happier.For a father, meeting two ends and have happy smiling kids is bliss. Bliss is a relative term. For some its restricted within their small realm expandng family and friends. For others, its much more than you or me or the nation. It is these very people who make great, more importantly, wise men.

    i know i've said a lot..hope that it makes some sense :)

    I love our spcae! blogrolled you! :)

  14. Firebird

    Thanks very much for the visit..... Appreciate your comments!

    yes indeed, many a times we forget that we are a larger part of the system and consider ourselves to be the system! Which is terribly foolish indeed!



  15. Yes Swati, Metaphysics is an amazing subject.... totally trashes everything we know since its relevance does not surpass the boundaries of Earth!

    I agree with you when you say that "Truth has no direction. No goal. Truth is a goal in itself and truth is infinite." And yes, Bliss is a very relative term! My idea of bliss may not match yours!

    In the end..... what matters is happiness from within! We are born and we shall pass away, what we do in the interim phase matters most!

    Thanks very much for dropping by and also blogrolling me!

  16. nice post!

    Made me also feel quite nostalgic!!

    Cherish those memories because they are the priceless treasures of life.


  17. Hi Deepsat

    Thanks very much for your visit and comment of course!

    Indeed, memories need to be cherished and treasured! They are priceless assets!