Monday, November 23, 2009

Adieu Pune

A certain epoch of my life now comes to an end!

The time has come for me to head home to Ooty, leaving behind Pune, the wonderful place that has been my home for the past year and a half! Having lived here, although for a relatively short while, I've come to form some very close and lasting associations with remarkable people, who have time and again reassured me that good people in today's world are neither passé nor a rarity! To them I'm indebted for having made my life colourful and happy without condition.

I cannot say enough of the remarkably healthy lifestyle that I have enjoyed during the course of my stay in Pune, one that has most certainly put me into a very happy state of physical and mental being. A life of contentment and peace is what I've been blessed along with, as I said before, the wonderful people, who will hold immense significance in my life ahead.

Something else, which is an invaluable asset, that I take along with me is the improved level of spiritual connect that I have acquired, a gift that I attribute purely to the goodness of the place and its people, much less to my efforts! Here, my reading and blogging have also come to witness intensity and good routine, something I'm not sure will continue in the days to come, with the same level of vigour, although not going to be lost on passion - I assure!

I go home a renewed man, more refined, patient and blessed with a wider perspective with the privilege of having lived a stately life so far away from home. Pune will forever be very dear to my heart and will be cherished dearly for being the avenue that facilitated a personal and professional growth with no impediments whatsoever!

So, with a heavy heart, I bid goodbye to this wonderful place and the magnificent people I'm associated with, who will continue to be an integral part of my life!

On a closing note, I'm reminded of the track Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, something that I believe is apt to be mentioned here, considering the occasion and the expression that I convey on its account.

"I need your grace, to remind me, to find my own! All that I am, All that I ever was, Is here in your perfect eyes!"

I'm praying that, during my last moments here, my emotions don't get the best of me and that I feign a happy face while leaving - an effort, I know well from past experience to be a marathon task involving great difficulty!

PS: I've not been able to visit your blogs lately as a result of some hectic last minutes, which I'm sure you understand! Nevertheless, do please accept my sincere apologies! This is to continue for a few weeks to come during which time I shall be travelling.


  1. Hi Rakesh! Wish you all the best back home!! Meanwhile enjoy your trips!!

    Blogtrotter has also an astonishing display of works of art by contemporary artists in the streets of Bilbao for you to enjoy. Have a great week!

  2. Hey...finally huh...well all good things come to an end for better things to take place....
    all the best

  3. Well things come and go. Sometimes they are good and some bad. It is fortunate that Pune's been good for you. All the best for the next step. :)

  4. You stay at Ooty?! That's like super cool(no pun intended)!:P
    Great to hear about the spiritual connect, and I hope you can renew it every now and then! All the best :)

  5. Best Wishes man..
    May the Force be with you!

  6. Best wishes, Rak :)
    God be with you always,


  7. All the best rakish! Like u said we realize many things only later, hope u carry lot of memories along with u to ooty. hugs

  8. How badly I wished to meet you before you leave the city! Nonetheless, the world is still a small place! Best luck and lots of love!

  9. Have a wonderful trip rakish :-)
    I hope you have there also a fantastic home ....
    Take care

  10. Welcome home Rakesh infact eagar to meet up with best wishes

  11. best wishes for ur future voyage ! I know how one gets attached to Pune,been through this situation. But life moves on,so do we...keep going buddy ! best wishes again !

  12. Rakeshhhh, finally, huh ? Great !!! and dont worry about Pune! you can always go back, rt? you should ! :D

  13. Wonderful to read such an optimistic post! All the best for the future and have some nice travelling in between!

  14. No place like home where the people, who genuinely care for you and love you, live.. Happy home coming and best wishes :)

  15. Life keeps moving on....remember all the good things and move on..all the best.

  16. Rakesh....every city has its own speciality and our attachments to it. Wer will you head next?

  17. You can check Pune off your list. Moving can be exciting! That's the part I like to focus on, even though sometimes it makes me sad to leave!

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  19. Hello Rakesh,

    Am sorry to hear that you're bidding adieu to Pune. I do understand the way you feel, because I'll be doing the same in exactly a weeks time. The difference for me though is that I'm moving away from home rather than towards it. Will be going to Delhi and I'm quite apprehensive about the whole thing...wish i could look at the move with a little more excitement.

    Glad to know that you're happy to be back home though...

    Do take care,
    Warmest regards,

  20. I share your feelings about Pune :) But it's great to move to newer places and make home in places you hardly knew till then :)

  21. We never really leave a place we have cherished like you did, it stays in our heart.
    Enjoy your traveling.