Monday, November 16, 2009

A rendezvous with the writers!

I've been wanting to meet fellow blogger Shahid for sometime now. Having built a good rapport via blogging and once-in-a-while chatting up on common interests, soccer and journalism being among them, I needed to meet up with him before leaving here!

And so we decided to do just that on Saturday last, over well recommended and consequently enjoyed mughlai fare, which was truly appealing to the foodie in me, or rather - the foodie me, if I have to state facts correctly, that is! I had the pleasure of meeting up along with Shahid, Chandni and Sumedha, the wonderful ladies, one of whom I've spoken about in a previous post!

What a wonderful meeting, rather occasion, it turned out to be! Guarded, with the best foot forward in disposition, something that I believe I still need a great deal of polishing upon, I was quick to return to my informally normal self having been made to feel extremely comfortable by the awesome trio who I was meeting for the very first time!

It took no time for Shahid and I to get along like fuel and fire, engrossed in conversations on Eminem, the corporate world, blogs, food, culture, politics, religion and of course soccer, much to the discontent of the ladies, who were, unwillingly distanced, due to the teen-boy tech talk!

Shahid is very passionate about interacting with people and thus is high on interpersonal skills, something he hopes to capitalize on while kick starting his professional career shortly. He also has a distinct other facet, a more serious one that is maturely cognizant of the philosophical and metaphysical aspects of life – the astute thinker that he is!

Terribly brief yet enriching, and exceedingly congenial, I left with a feeling akin to having met with an old friend, and revisited bygone times!

Remember Louis Armstrong and his marvel What a Wonderful World? To all the good times that I have always associated this masterpiece with, I'm reiterated in the belief that the world is indeed a wonderful place, down below 'the skies of blue, and clouds of white, the bright blessed day and the dark sacred night', more so for the brilliant people that make this, truly, as 'I think to myself.... a wonderful world!'

But Shahid.......... surely Chelsea rules!!! ;)


  1. Interesting !! You have a real flair for writing, I must say.. Enjoyed reading this blog for its content as well as the style :-)


  2. Nice post. You really can write about anything and everything. Made interesting read. Reminded me of the old Coffee House days.

  3. Loved reading this... alas I dont konw nothing about football or EPL !!! sigh..

  4. i wonder how the girls tolerated you both! haha:)

    kidding, nice reading this, Rak :)


  5. Blogger meet, huh? Gr8. I hope one day I could get to meet the great blogger named Rakesh Vanamali too ! :D :D :D

  6. That comment from "old monk"
    He/she sad : You really can write about anything and everything.....
    Its the true you can write so very unique posts :))))))
    I wish we could all together drink coffee/tea on a blogger meeting ....

  7. Anya, we didnt have a coffee or tea, we had something like an old monk and some beer, thats why rakesh thinks i am a good thinker, he was a little high and I guess so was I....well the best thing was that u still think chelsea rules...wierd....

  8. Sweet event.

    But why everyone is so far off??? Liverpool rules!
    There must be a scientific proof around :-)

  9. I haven't met any blogger pal yet, would definitely love to meet some.

  10. Ok first to start with Chelsea SUCK.....its Man u who are gonna lift the cup again.....

    but truly blogs have really helped me to get in touch with some really fun people....

    kudos to bloggers :-)

  11. It seems that this time Chelsea they will take English Premier league title.

  12. Lovely post! But the Blues are still far from being as good as during the times of the best, The Special One!!! The One who made my first blues - F.C.Porto - European League Champions!! With an indigent budget compared with the others... ;))
    Have a great week!

  13. Its always great to meet the people whom we follow thru blogs. Sometimes it gives such a surprise when we see how different they are in real much different from the picture we have of them after reading their blogs...
    But at the same time, many looks just like the human form of their blogs..:D

  14. Writings and the writer..are they the same or different?Don't know much about it .But as far as your writings are concerned..the distance is much less.and that is a gift..liked the post

  15. hey! we decided to meet up too, remember? :) next time you're in town, we sure will :) btw, chelsea?? really? :(

  16. An unusual gap....hope everything is fine.

  17. wonderful write up on your meeting with bloggers and as usual interesting rak!

  18. eminem fan??
    eminem rules!

    its nice to read ! we know of what people think before seeing them now!how much world has advanced??:O