Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Bubble is born

My good friend, Indraniel Chandra, Niel for short, has taken computing, blogging in particular to a new level. His effort has led folks like me to be part of Bubble - The Blackberry Bloggers Lounge, a platform that promises hitherto unseen interaction among bloggers using blackberry!

Himself a very seasoned hand in the field of Information Security, it is no surprise to see Niel innovate and create a sphere aimed at changing the way we deal with micro-computing, by which I mean hand-held computing that is limitless in mobility. This is surely one marathon effort!

So then, all of you fellow bloggers out there using blackberry and desiring to be a part of the Bubble, do send me your PIN via email and I'll be sure to pass them on to the Master Yoda himself for addition and subsequent inclusion into this world!


I've been away from your blogs for a long time now, and feel strangely disconnected. I hope to get back soon and remain connected with all of you, something that I know I cannot live without! I wish to sincerely thank those of you who visit and also observe your comments unfailingly. I want you to know that it is surely a tremendous form of support and encouragement, which is unparalleled! Love you all!


  1. Yes we had missing you Rakesh !!!

    But nice to hear all is okay.
    I go look at that bubble side ...
    Thanks for the information
    Have a relaxing sunday
    Take you time to visit all your blogfriends :-)


  2. we missing you too bro...hope u get back soon

  3. Well, i was missing you Rak....Hope to see you more here and in the blogdom :)

    This Bubble thing --me a very outdated soul for that...anyway, good to know the updations :)


  4. Hi Rakesh! I was missing your comments, now I know it's bubbles' fault... ;)

    Time to relax with a visit to a museum? Blogtrotter is at the British! Enjoy and have a great holiday season!

  5. Although you have stopped visiting the blogs of your fellow bloggers, a few ones like me often get your updates in your blog. Thanks to you for updating your blog so religiously and of course the Blogroll widget that keeps us connected! Cheers!

  6. Can you get me a blackberry first ?? :D :D :D :D Its that I love S.E. phones and cant part with them :D

    Btw, I had nominated you in the upcoming Avant Garde Bloggie Awards :D

  7. Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to ya Rakesh! :)

    TC & stay happy

  8. hey i wnt to join... just gimme a blackberry na. :P

  9. Looking forward to your blogs.. Happy new year to you and folks at home...