Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A reunion of sorts!

The vastness of the human mind can pale the expanses of all of the world's oceans put together. Yet, this entity can, purely by choice, bring upon itself a limitation that could reduce it to a dot, the size of a pin prick! That is the message I echoed to Mum on meeting her for the first time since her ailment!

Having willfully understood it much before I came to say so, she has made a great effort, with the sheer will to put this limitation behind her. It is certainly heartening to see this stage and now hope for better with a sense of absolute reassurance!

I must thank the wonderful team of energetic and zealous medical professionals and part of my own family for aiding her recovery, that has been fast, progressive and definitely remarkable!

Recovery, like many other things, is quite dependent of belief, and good ones at that! Little wonder then that the Scorpions, in their iconic masterpiece Send me an angel, echoed, "Just believe in yourself, Hear this voice from deep inside, It's the call of your heart, Close your eyes and your will find, The passage out of the dark"

How true!


  1. Good to hear that, Rak :)

    Convey my regards to her and all in the family, Rak :)


  2. Gr8, I was sure the moment she sees you, she would be alright :D :D

  3. Take care ......
    We think on her & think positive!!

  4. Dear Rakesh,
    Be with her.Being there is enough.
    Take care

  5. - did you tell her that you aren't going to stay with her forever and this is just a temp arrangement? Am sure that would have made her alrite in a jiffy :) Our best wishes for a speedy recovery, buddy!

  6. I truly believe wat u said.....
    its faith in life that gives life

  7. wonderful to read about the recovery. Best wishes.

  8. hope ur mom's better. wish her well. pray for her speedy recovery. take care. :)